3 Ways To Stay Connected With Leads In The Summer Sun

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With the summer season ramping up, many are preparing for sunny days outside, jam-packed fun weekends, and maybe even a “socially distant” vacation! The summer months are a notorious season for seeing leads fall off the radar. But this doesn’t have to be the case: there are three ways you can stay connected with leads to avoid them “cooling off” over the summer months.

Even though this summer is setting up to look much different than normal, these tips can serve salespeople well as they try to stay connected with leads from afar.

1. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a powerful tool that garners impressive engagement from both prospects and current clients. In fact, 98% of SMS marketing messages are opened and read. Sending out an SMS message can be anything from a check-in to details about a new summer promotion. This type of direct mobile communication will help you stay top of mind when your leads are out and about enjoying the summer sun.

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2. Stay Connected with Leads on Social Media

Staying engaged on your social channels is an essential way to stay connected with your leads. Your prospects may be out enjoying the summer sun, but that doesn’t mean they have left their social media accounts at home! By simply updating your social platforms with a few posts, it reminds your leads that you are available to assist. Even this seemingly small action can be enough to make a difference. Also, by posting content to your social media channels, you create opportunities to engage with people who comment on or share your content.

3. Summertime Giveaways or Specials

Season-themed specials or giveaways are not only relevant to your leads, they are also exciting and new. Many leads that “go dark” feel they have seen it or heard it all. Special promotions create a unique opportunity and can spark new interest in your services. If you want to up the ante, a summertime giveaway can draw huge engagement from current prospects and even provide you with new leads to fill your pipeline.

Be sure to take advantage of automated tagging to help manage your summertime contests. See an example here.

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