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Brief History

In 2012, Ben Brashen had the idea to create a personalized app to help him in his mortgage business. After finding much success with his app (and a ton of interest from fellow mortgage brokers who wanted similar apps for themselves!) CardTapp was born, with the help of fellow founders Ryan Leopold and Dustin Swisstack.

CardTapp started by serving the needs of mortgage, real estate, and insurance industries. As the number of users grew, CardTapp’s applicability to any and all types of sales and sales management roles became clear, and CardTapp continues to expand its capabilities to meet the business needs of all types of industries.

CardTapp has been profiled in multiple publications, including Geekwire, the Seattle Times, and the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Our mission

CardTapp’s mission is to empower individuals and businesses to build stronger personal connections and facilitate mutually beneficial business relationships. We work with sole proprietorships, small businesses, and sales professionals, as well as sales team managers, executives, and enterprises looking for ways to empower their businesses. Our technology provides business leaders with the ability to set themselves apart, close more business, and serve their customers better.

What we do

CardTapp builds sales productivity tools that help anyone who is trying to build their business facilitate and follow up with connections more effectively. By leveraging the most used personal device today, the mobile phone, our personally branded mobile apps allow individuals to set themselves apart, showcase their products and services, and be more proactive about following up with potential partners, prospects, and customers. Our management features also help empower business leaders to get better insight into how their sales pipelines are growing, so they can build the most effective and successful sales teams possible.

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