Employee Engagement Platform

More engagement, happier employees.

The only employee communication and engagement software that allows you to go fully virtual, in-person, or anywhere in-between. Integrated with your existing systems, online appointment scheduling, paperless enrollment platforms, and more.

Benefits portal

Provide a portal for employees to view their benefits offering

Text messaging

Communicate with employees through one-to-one and one-to-many text messages

Ease of Use

No need for tech expertise. Our platform is intuitive and user-friendly.

Monitor engagement

Garner real-time engagement insights to better serve employees

Simplify account management

Manage multiple accounts at once with a global view.

Customizable mobile app

Provide instant access to a digital, mobile benefits guide for policyholder education

Deliver benefits information to employees on the go

Employees in accounts get a company-branded mobile benefits app that can be loaded with educational content and benefits resources for employees including:

  • Summary of Benefits Plan & Coverage
  • Product Brochures & Rate Sheets
  • Video Content
  • Rate Sheets
  • Contact information for benefit advisor(s)
  • Appointment Scheduling Tools

Track and manage employee engagement with benefits


More Engagement. More Premium.

Cardtapp facilitates engagement with your accounts and educates employees throughout the enrollment process. Our tool will save you and your clients time, all while driving premium and increasing retention

Shareable benefits hub

Mobile platform that allows Brokers to provide employee access to resources, tools, and policy information on the go.

Digital benefits guide

Create a ready-made digital flip book so that employees can review benefits from their mobile phone and receive via email through our robust document functionality

Effective communication

Communicate deadlines, virtual benefit fair dates, and enrollment milestones via text message to employees. Increase employee education within cases and create alignment with HR teams. Employees can self-educate, self-service, and self-enroll.


Increase access to service that drives employee education for participation with benefits


Mobile Benefits Hub

Cardtapp is a mobile platform that allows HR teams, brokers and Administrators to provide employee access to pertinent content & resources on the go. Direct access to benefits servicing increases stickiness and retention.


Benefits Flip Book

The Cardtapp platform provides a ready-made PDF flipbook so that employees can review from their mobile phone and receive via email through our robust document functionality


Direct Communication

Reduce the burden of benefits questions for HR teams and employers by providing a one-stop-shop for all benefits management information. Additionally, there is a form for employees to get questions answered by the Broker, Agency, or Benefits Services teams.

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