#1 Digital Business Card App for LOs

Digital business card for loan officers​

Stand out in a digital world, magnetize prospects, captivate clients, and nurture referral partnerships with just a tap! 

“I have been using Cardtapp for the past year, and it has completely transformed the way I manage my referral relationships and sales pipeline.”


Trusted by mortgage professionals at leading organizations

Easy to share digital business card

One-to-one app share

The digital business card can be shared by you, past borrowers, referral partners, or prospects by using the mobile interface.

Scan QR code

Access ready-to-share marketing flyers that include a text keyword, QR code, and benefits to installing the digital business card.

Text keyword

Share your unique text auto-response keyword that, when texted, will return a link to install your digital business card.

CRM Integration

Initiate digital business card shares via integration. Whenever a new contact is added to your CRM, you can automatically share your card via text.

Powerful built-in mortgage calculators

Borrowers and referral partners need quick access to reliable mortgage calculations

Without a fast and accurate way to calculate estimates, borrowers miss opportunities. Referral partners may lose valuable clients due to slow response times and inaccurate estimates.

Our digital business card app includes powerful built-in mortgage calculators with mortgages rates powers by MGIC that give users instant calculations at their fingertips. 

With Cardtapp, your prospective borrowers and referral partners can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, saving them time and helping you win more deals.

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Amplify your success

Capture every referral, deliver exceptional borrower experiences, and boost your application rates with Cardtapp

Drive more loan applications

Seamlessly link borrowers to your existing point of sale, encouraging more prospects to initiate contact. Equip your funnel with a wave of eager borrowers actively engaging with your content, resources, and calculators. 

Never miss a referral

Don’t let another valuable referral slip through the cracks. With Cardtapp, you’re always on top of your game, capturing and capitalizing on every referral that comes your way.

World-class borrower experience

Stand out from the crowd by providing a seamless and personalized experience for your borrowers. Cardtapp offers a platform that’s intuitive, engaging, and built to impress – making every interaction with your borrowers a memorable one.

Cobrand your digital business card

Struggling to drive repeat referral business and expand your network of referral partners?

Your business card may get lost in the shuffle, leading to missed opportunities for valuable referrals.

Co-branding your digital business card with referral partners is a game-changer for expanding your network and driving repeat business.

Show off your partners

With a co-branded digital business card, your tools and resources as well as your business partner’s contact information and website are highlighted.

Cobranded QR code

Share the digital business card using a cobranded QR codes. Perfect for open-houses and printed collateral.

Cobranded text word

Share the digital business card with cobranded text message keywords

Configure in minutes

Add a unique link, headshot, logo, and contact information for each referral partner

Powerful engagement insights

Get real-time notifications from prospective borrowers and referral partners that win you more deals.

Real-time alerts

See real-time buying signals as prospects, clients use your digital business card.

Fast lead capture

Every share captures lead’s name, number and provides insight into prospect’s topics of interest.

Calculation insights

View calculation information from potential borrowers and follow-up based on their engagement.

Never miss a referral

Referral alerts make follow-up easy. View notes from referrers on readiness of new lead.

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