Why Social Selling is Vital for Your 2021 Goal

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Bob Dylan said it best. “If your time to you is worth savin,’ then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone. For the times they are a-changin’.” While the mighty Dylan can transcend current events, applying his wisdom to sales techniques like social selling for the upcoming year has never been more relevant.

The upcoming year is likely to hold many uncertainties. Though no one knows what 2021 holds, there are steps every salesperson can take to prepare for it. With customers increasingly wanting to do business virtually, it’s critical to create a social selling strategy. From morning commutes to right before we fall asleep, 91 percent of adults have their mobile phones within an arm’s reach 24/7.

The need to be constantly connected has grown immensely with the Information Age. Those who know how to capitalize on social tools become successful.

What Exactly is Social Selling?

The term social selling has grown in popularity over the last few years. It’s a strategy that goes beyond social media advertising and even social media content strategies. Indeed, three quarters of customers state that they don’t rely only on advertising. In fact, they place much more importance on reviews and other customers’ opinions.

Because of this, it’s not only critical to have a social media strategy but to engage in “social selling”. Social selling at its core is actively engaging customers and followers to develop a strong network for social network development. This network allows salespeople to conduct more targeted outreach efforts while generating leads and maximizing customer retention.

The Impact of Social Media

It’s no surprise that most people use some form of social media every day, throughout the day. But people are increasingly getting their news from social media as well. In fact, the majority of adults get news on social media. Not only do their social interactions include a variety of news articles but opinion pieces and advertisements as well.

But with the rising popularity of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the algorithms for relevant content are increasingly complex. For example, Facebook’s algorithm structures content to your engagement patterns more than the content on your news feed. So if you really enjoying watching videos of dogs in silly hats and otters holding hands, the more you see. You begin to create your own flow of news.

For successful sales professionals who use social tools, understanding how algorithms work and how you can leverage them is crucial. Not only should sales people work to understand the social landscape, but they should also produce valuable content. Creating content can help your business in many ways. It not only promotes you or your business, but it also helps boost awareness and keep you in the constant flow of news feeds.

The Impact of Social Selling

According to Salesforlife, “62% of sales professionals report that social selling has become important to closing new deals.” Salespeople who use social media as a sales strategy build trust and relationships with potential buyers resulting in a higher impact on revenue.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are key social selling channels for making a first impression on new clients. Social selling is all about genuine trust and relationship building, so be as authentic and responsive as possible on these channels.

With the help of social media, the bridge between consumer and seller strengthens. It helps create human connection and improves sales figures. In fact, salespeople who have a social selling strategy are more than 10% more likely to hit their quotas than those who don’t.

Social selling allows the salesperson to easily connect, stay on top of mind with their consumers, and build real trust with their clients.

Real Success Stories of Social Selling

The idea of using social media for closing deals can seem like an ideal concept rather than reality. People tend to separate personal life and business life within their social media uses, but giving a blend of both creates ways to personally brand yourself and make social media work for you!

In 2016, one of the top performing sales professionals for Chevy nationwide explained that his biggest sales tactic was keeping the connections he makes with potential and current clients current. Facebook, email, and standard mail are how he keeps those relationships top of mind.

“I sit there and always touch base with my customers. In the first year of ownership, if I have a brand new customer, I touch base with them 14 times. And they love it! They want me to touch base with them. They encourage me to touch base with them.”

Those in sales need to rely on a variety of different technology techniques to grow revenue, build stronger relationships with clients, and close more deals. With 2021 just around the corner, implementing social selling into your daily sales activity is vital to grow your revenue and retain more clients. Be sure to include your CardTapp platform in your social selling strategy as well. Highlight custom content and provide a virtual experience clients will love.

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