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Even though your days and pipeline may be full, it’s still important to nurture referral relationships. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to maintain strong referral partnerships. Next up in our series on creating consistent experiences is creating a process that develops relationships through consistent follow-up.

The Secret Sauce

Based on our most successful members’ behavior, we have identified three behaviors tightly correlated to their success. Being successful with the CardTapp solution only requires three things. They are simple — not always easy — but they are simple.

The first is to consistently share the app. The more members share their app, the more people have access to their tools. We recommend that you share with at least every prospect and client you work with. Additionally, you should share with others in your network. Friends, family, and others you frequently interact with make valuable referral sources.

The second key to success is to integrate your app with your sales process. In order to drive engagement with your app, your app must contain valuable resources. Include important tools, resources, and forms in your app. Instead of sending links in an email, direct users to your app.

The third is to follow up. Consistent follow-up is key to great service. The CardTapp solution provides engagement insights. Be sure to use these to your advantage. Engagement insights not only indicate when someone is ready to start the sales process, but they also indicate when someone needs help. When an app user clicks on a solution multiple times or clicks your contact information without ever actually reaching out, it could indicate confusion. Be sure to look for this type of activity and then reach out ready to help.

Be Relational not Transactional

Top performing sales professionals know that building relationships is the name of the game. In fact, relationships are what builds social equity and ties sales professionals to their prospects and clients.

Unfortunately, many sales professionals miss the boat. Especially for those with an infrequent sales cycle, it can be difficult to treat a sale as more than a transaction.

Follow-up is the answer to how to move from a transactional, short-term based selling style to a long-term, relationship selling and referral network development strategy.

People who are really successful become successful, in part, because they follow up really well. Everybody, no matter how successful or experienced knows how frustrating it is to not be contacted after a question or request.

If you don’t feel that you yourself are an expert at following up and maintaining these long-term relationships that will give you future support, develop some strategies. To improve your follo- up, you could:

  • Add a reminder to a calendar
  • Add a sticky note to your desk
  • Automate a follow-up process in your CRM
  • Schedule a follow-up text message with our Pro SMS feature

People love to know that they haven’t been forgotten and people are happy to be checked in on, especially if they had a fundamentally positive experience with you in the first place.

An Easy Way to Implement Consistent Follow-Up

The CardTapp solution provides members real-time engagement insights, allowing members to prioritize and manage consistent follow-up. Whether through reviewing app activity, setting up a CRM integration, or using our SMS Campaign feature, CardTapp makes following up easy. Ready to get started? Schedule a demo today.

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