Two Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2021

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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that no one can predict what an upcoming year holds. Nevertheless, there are a few promising predictions for the upcoming year. If these predictions prove accurate, you’ll want to be ready to take advantage of these potential real estate trends.

Most experts predict a few things will hold true for the new year. Most agree that:

  • Mortgage rates will remain low for much of the new year
  • Demand for residential housing will stay strong
  • The Millennial generation will make up a larger share of home purchases

Fortunately, the CardTapp solution can help you take advantage of both of these possible trends. In fact, the CardTapp solution is well-suited to take advantage of emerging trends. CardTapp is flexible and customizable. It’s also an easy way to provide clients and prospects with a seamless, digital experience.

Strong Housing Demand and Low Rates

Many expect several real estate trends from 2020 to continue into the new year. In fact, both the strong demand for housing and historic low interest rates will likely continue. This means lenders will continue to focus more on closing loans than building their pipeline. Streamlining the loan process can help save lenders time and create a great customer experience for clients. Indeed, integrating technology into an existing sales process not only helps lenders save time but also provides clients an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Millennial Homebuyers

With growing numbers and buying power, millennials will likely accelerate home buying in 2021. We recently highlighted how to appeal to a Millennial homebuyer. You’ll want to make sure your sales process is easy-to-access and available wherever your client or prospect wants to access it. This means it’s incredibly important to offer a digital solution with appealing resources.

Take Advantage of Real Estate Trends with CardTapp

Ready to get ahead of these two real estate trends? Schedule a demo to learn more about how about how CardTapp can help save you time and appeal to Millennial homebuyers in the new year.

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