The Best Tips For A Killer Virtual Sales Presentation

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Virtual Sales presentations have become commonplace during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since this type of presentation is new to most sales professionals, it can be intimidating. However, many of the standard keys to a good sales presentation are also applicable to a virtual presentation. Check out how you can repurpose your existing presentation to close a virtual deal.

A Stand Out Opener

The start of your presentation is such an important part since it sets the tone for the rest of the pitch. Especially when virtual, your opening should not only set the stage but also grab your audience’s attention. You could start off with a brief success story, an unbelievable fact that is relevant to your presentation, or even a quarantine story! When you stand out right from the start, your audience will be more engaged throughout your sales presentation.

“Short, Sweet & to the Point”

It’s great to be knowledgeable about your service or product, but be sure to stick to the topic. Keeping your sales presentation to the essential information will help keep your audience’s attention. Since it’s more difficult to engage when you’re not physically in front of people,  be sure to get comfortable with pitching to your webcam and include visual aids to highlight important details when possible.

Focus on Benefits

Your audience doesn’t want to hear a list of features about your service or product; they want to understand how it relates to them. Making that connection between your service or product and their challenges is key to any good sales presentation. It helps the audience better understand how your product or service works and why it’s important to them as a company or individual.

Ask for Feedback

Polls, chat bars, and Q&A windows make it easy to still ask for feedback from your virtual audience. This could be as simple as asking “Do you think this makes sense for your business?” In doing so, you create an opportunity for your audience to do one of two things:

1. Help you close the sale by acknowledging that your product or service is a fit for them
2. Give you a chance to adjust your pitch to address their concerns if they believe your product or service is not a good fit.

Virtual Sales Presentation “Leave-Behind”

Since you won’t be leaving a flier or brochure, be sure they have something that keeps your service top of mind. A virtual engagement solution like CardTapp helps you leave behind information about your business for potential clients to review on their time. Personalize your personal app to guide prospects through your offerings, and get valuable engagement insights when they review your app.

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