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A few decades back, the idea of mobile phones, let alone using phones to access content through native and web apps, was inconceivable. But what we see now proves the power of technology. Today, both the old and the young can barely spend a few hours without checking their mobile gadgets. This social-technological advancement led Luke Wroblewski to write a book, “Mobile First“, in 2009, and the term has gained momentous attraction since. If you’re wondering what it is and why it’s indispensable in your sales and marketing efforts, you’re in the right place.

Typically, mobile-first is a principle that developers use to create product design, starting with the most basic way to access the product or tool. The smartphone ranks first with a whopping 70% usage when it comes to the most preferred method of accessing media. Considering the post-pandemic life, these stats are much higher in the US due to the increase in the adoption of remote and hybrid workplace models. This fact is further verified by statistics showing that mobile web apps continue to receive more traffic than their desktop counterparts. Therefore, a mobile-first business has never been this important.

1. Remaining Competitive

Both the big and the small across all industries hold one similar fact; you need to follow the current trends to remain competitive. This holds true regardless of industry or offerings. Clients can access your offerings through what they have in their hand (smartphones), and giving them a different experience can be inconvenient. Providing a ready-made, customizable app can be the defining difference between you and your competitor.

2. Where You Are, When You Want

Desktops and laptops have limitations in various application scenarios. On the other hand, smartphones can be carried and used technically anywhere. Clients are often on the go and usually within arm’s reach of their cell phone. Therefore, a mobile-first app enables them to effortlessly review a provider’s offerings wherever they are and whenever they want. This kind of freedom and experience is unmatched and priceless for clients. It’s a great way to improve the client journey.

3. Available Tools When Most Needed

Some offerings mostly require frequent updates and client interactions. Mobile-first apps make this expectation possible with a better experience. CardTapp offers a unique app that’s branded for each company or salesperson. Indeed, customized branding makes it easy for clients to access an exclusive centralized app with necessary info and resources on-the-go. They can instantly access account contacts, purchase tools, calculators, and help resources. The app also provides clients with a seamless interface and smooth navigation to any resource, including knowing where precisely to go if they have questions.

4. Better Client Experience: Improved Relationships and Business Continuity

Mobile-first apps can help close the gap between you and your clients. Building beneficial relationships with clients can bring a ton of advantages to your business. These include increased revenue, brand awareness, and top-of-the-class customer experience (which facilitates referrals). A mobile-first application helps clients feel more involved with the sales process. Thus, this advances business growth, expansion, and positive feedback. Besides, ensuring clients have access to everything they need for the sales process in one app increases engagement. The value of this is unparalleled; a great customer experience and high client retention rates.

Learn More About a Mobile-First Strategy

One thing is sure: mobile devices are here to stay. Professionals develop more wearable devices (synchronized with our phones) daily, making us much more dependent and close to our smartphones. Mobile-first will therefore continue to dominate in competitiveness.

At CardTapp, we aim to keep you in the loop regarding trends and technology. Our CardTapp platform can help you revolutionize your offerings. Get in touch today or book a demo to get started.

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