Presenting Value From a Customer’s Perspective

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When customers research a product or service, they base their purchase decision on specific criteria. Instead of focusing on specific features of a product, they focus their attention on the product’s overall value as well as whether it will help solve a problem that they have. To capitalize on this when selling a product, you must craft your sales pitch with the consumer’s perspective in mind, focusing on how the product will benefit them.

The Sales & Marketing Industry Refers to this as WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me?”

Engaging with your customers during the sales process should mirror how you would communicate with a colleague or friend. In order to connect with an individual successfully, discuss something that they relate to. Finding common ground works when making small talk, and it can also work for you when selling your product.

Expand the Scope of WIIFM

Applying a WIIFM strategy can be useful in a number of circumstances. You may not always be trying to sell a product or service. You may instead be trying to encourage a behavior like downloading, using, or sharing your CardTapp app.

When you apply the WIIFM approach to this type of situation, consider the individual or business you are interacting with. Think of any pain points or challenges your lead, customer, or referral partner might be experiencing that could be solved by downloading and using your app. If you cannot think of a particular solution for their problem, consider creating a tool or piece of content addressing the issue that can be presented to them front and center through your customized application.

Gather Intel to Understand what is Valuable

To ramp up the value your solution provides, start by identifying what your various stakeholders find valuable.

  • First, identify the pain points or needs that you are readily suited to address and highlight possible solutions.
  • Next, go through your contacts and connect with some of your successful leads, best customers, and strongest referral partners personally to gain valuable insight. Listen to the challenges they face and how they tackle those challenges.
  • Go in-depth to find resources and research on your industry. Follow industry experts and thought leaders to stay relevant and up-to-date on changing trends. Brainstorm ways you can capitalize on those trends.
  • Make sure to create an easy-to-use system to track any objections you receive during the sales process. Often, a consumer will reject a solution due to a perception of insufficient value. Track objections and ask follow-up questions to see if there is a way you can provide them with some solutions that will ultimately save them time, effort, and/or money.

What to Do Next

Once you have completed your research, compile your findings and reflect on ways you can develop solutions for stakeholders’ needs. Consider different segments within your centers of influence, customers, and targets. Then, consider why they should use your app and how they can benefit from it.

Always remember to present your CardTapp app from the recipient’s perspective. Highlight a tool or resource that the recipient will find valuable and can refer back to. A great example of such a tool is a lender’s in-app mortgage calculator which helps:

  • Realtors provide valuable information to their customers ultimately resulting in increased sales and revenue.
  • Leads access convenient tools during their home buying process.
  • Existing customers know whether refinancing their home will save them money.

When you are able to provide a useful tool that is available to your stakeholders at all times, your application’s value is perceived highly.

Put Value Into Action

Through your research and brainstorming sessions, you should have a better understanding of your leads, customers, and referral partners as well as their particular needs. Incorporate solutions to those needs into your sales and marketing initiatives. Make changes as needed to your web presence, standard correspondence, and marketing assets to ensure a value-based, unified sales approach is presented throughout. Focus on the benefits of using your app in your script when you share your app to make recipients immediately aware of “What’s In It For Them”.

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