How Mortgage Loan Originators Should Be Working to Build Their Network and Attract New Clients

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Marketing can be challenging in every industry, but probably more so for mortgage loan originators, given the increasing mortgage rates and the fact that their clientele is extremely specific. People are not exactly lining up to apply for mortgage loans, and even those that do are spoilt for choice.

Because of this, it’s crucial for mortgage loan originators to build their networks to attract potential clients and sign them up for their loan program. So how can they do this? Read on to find out.

1. Grow Your Online Presence as a Mortgage Loan Originator

An online presence is essential because it allows potential clients to find you and gives them a reason to work with you.

Maintain active social media and frequently post on your profiles to build connections with prospective clients, homebuyers, real estate agents, and businesses in your locale. Social media platforms offer several opportunities to connect with prospective clients and referrals through various content marketing strategies. It’s no wonder that 44% of loan officers cite social media as a successful marketing platform.

2. Know Your Customers Better

Understanding the needs of your potential clients will help you create suitable packages for their home buying process and build trust. Ask them about the type of properties they are looking to buy, how long they plan to stay there, their budget, and so on. Asking such questions will help you better understand their needs.

With that information in hand, you can provide them with solutions suited to their needs. You can also give them suggestions on how to lower their interest rates and manage their debts. This will help you build a lasting relationship.

3. Widen Referral Network

Referrals play a significant role in helping mortgage loan originators attract more customers. Referrals by word of mouth help get the word out about your services, thereby expanding your business’ reach. Appraisers and real estate agents can also refer homebuyers to mortgage loan originators. Recommendations from past clients and their families and friends will go a long way in building your referral network. Mortgage loan originators should regularly update their online presence to easily connect with customers.

4. Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy

Video is arguably the most engaging form of digital marketing. Indeed, it it’s interactive, personable, and builds a stronger connection with your target audience. You can use video marketing differently, but the best way is to use it to educate your audience and position yourself as an industry leader. For example, you can break down the mortgage process for first-time homebuyers or share housing statistics and trends. You could also create content enlightening homeowners on why they should consider refinancing.

Simply put, adding video to your marketing strategy can help you connect with potential clients better.

5. Add Value with Email Marketing

Since there are more than four billion email users daily, adding email marketing to your strategy is a  great way to engage and connect with clients on a personal level. When sending emails to prospective customers, ensure the emails contain useful information. By sharing relevant information in your emails, you’ll stay on top of your customer’s minds, thereby paving way for repeat business and referrals.

6. Establish Local Presence as a Mortgage Loan Originator

Homebuyers and real estate agents prefer a local lender who understands their market. Thus, you should focus your networking efforts in your local market by becoming an affiliate member of your local real estate association.

7. Leverage Sales and Marketing Solutions

Marketing solutions can be an excellent tool for mortgage loan originators who want to stand out in the market. Among other things, these solutions can help you better reach customers, maintain a consistent social media presence, and convert more leads to sales.

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