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We’re nearing the end of our series on maximizing the ROI with your CardTapp app. So far, we’ve looked at how your app can help you provide great service, drive engagement, and effectively engage app users. Next up, we’ll look at how you can build or strengthen strategic partnerships.  Strategic partnerships are important for any sales professional. These partnerships not only create the opportunity to generate leads, but they also give you a strong foundation to use to support your clients.

Why Build Strong Partnerships

Business partnerships are incredibly valuable, but they take work to build and maintain. The most obvious advantage of strategic partnerships is that they become a great source of leads and referrals. Other benefits are that they can build your brand awareness and increase your credibility as an expert.

In order to get those types of brand and credibility boosts, you obviously want to make sure that you’re partnering with high quality businesses. Additionally, you want to ensure that the relationship is strong and mutually beneficial. Adding value to the other party is a key to making a partnership successful.

Make Sure Your Partners Have Your App and Know How to Share It

The number one rule for success with your app is to share it. It’s like a gym membership; it doesn’t do you any good unless you use it.

But who do you share it with first? And how do you incentivize people to share your app on your behalf?

You can share your app with anyone, but it’s always best to get started with the people who are already sending you business. If you are a mortgage loan originator, getting your real estate agents is a no-brainer.

If you are an insurance agent, you might get a lot of referrals from HR teams at accounts you manage or from collision centers. These are the people who need to have and know how to share your app.

Any time you share your app, be sure the recipient knows how to share you app with others. This is especially important when dealing with referral partners. Not only should you highlight how to share it, but you should highlight how using your app adds value to their business.

Build Strategic Partnerships

The first important way your app adds value to business partners is that it provides a seamless way to share leads. Not only is it easy to send leads, but your CardTapp solution ensures that contact information is stored and easily accessible. This means that you can quickly follow up with referrals to help quickly meet their needs. Be sure to keep your partners in the loop as you work through the sales process so they can continue to provide holistic service to their client.

CardTapp members with a Pro subscription have a few additional value adds in their tool belt. First, with a Pro subscription, you can use our co-branding feature to highlight key referral partners on your app to incentivize them to share the app. You can also assign unique EasyText keywords for partners that you work extremely closely with. Unique keywords are especially useful when you partner with another business or professional for events or promotions.

Leverage Partnerships for Referrals

Highlighting these types of benefits not only help strengthen strategic relationships, but they also drive referrals. An important way to maximize the return on your app is to use it to build strong partnerships. Adding value to partners, being responsive to referrals, and sending referrals of your own are a great way to leverage your CardTapp app. Want to learn more about ways to add value to your strategic partnerships?  Schedule some time with us to learn more.

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