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Earlier this month, we introduced a new series on how to maximize client retention. As an introduction, we highlighted the importance of word-of-mouth marketing. Next up, we’ll get into some specifics on how you can create a great experience since a positive client experience makes it more likely that person will provide that coveted positive word-of-mouth. Therefore, it’s critical you make an effort to try to “wow” every customer. Indeed, you can do this by adding a personal touch to your sale process.

It’s not difficult to add a personal touch to each interaction. Indeed, something as simple as using a customer’s name can build the foundation for a positive interaction. In fact, this simple action releases the “feel-good” chemicals like dopamine in the brain. Next, be sure to emphasize this specialized service by referencing key information about your customer.

Ask the Right Questions

Before you can use key information about a client to make them feel special, you have to gather the details. Although small talk is often dismissed, it’s actually a critical part of building relationships. Practice taking responses to surface level questions and delving further into more impactful subjects like:

  • Family
  • Hobbies
  • Special Interests
  • Volunteer efforts

People want to feel understood and cared for, especially in large and sensitive transactions like like a new home purchase or a legal dispute. Regardless of the purchase, clients appreciate genuine thoughtfulness.

Take Notes to Help Provide a Personal Touch

Now that you have connected with the client, be sure you remember those important details. Often, it’s best to make a note to help “remember”. Let’s face it, it’s easy to forget. In fact, humans typically can only store 5-9 items in their short-term memory. Fortunately, taking notes quickly after an interaction can help keep track of important items .

When you ask a client or prospect a question about a topic that you’ve covered in the past, it damages the relationship. To avoid weakening the relationships you’ve started fostering, be sure to reference your notes about the client before following up or re-engaging in conversation. Not taking notes? It’s time to start.

A CRM system is certainly a good place to start. These systems keep the critical information about each of your clients in one, centralized place. Unfortunately, few of them are accessible while away from the office. Hand-written notes are another option that are more portable though somewhat cumbersome. If only dealing with one or two people at a time, you might be able to remember, but you’ll likely need to find a scalable way to take notes when away from the office.

Take Notes On-the-go

As your book of business grows, keeping client details straight and your business connections personal is only going to get more difficult. If you don’t have a CRM or some kind of simple database where you can log notes to reference later, you’re going to lose that opportunity to someone else who the prospect thinks is a “better listener.”

Better yet, leverage the CardTapp platform to log and review notes on-the-go and easily link them to the prospect so you never have to worry about not having access to your notes when a prospect is ready to buy, no matter where you are.

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