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In our final article of our series on maximizing the value of your CardTapp app, we’ll wrap up our recommendations and give you one final tip! That will round out the series and give you five, great ways to maximize the value of your app. These five tips will help you get the most out of your CardTapp app.

Maximize the Value of Your App with Texting

Text messages are incredibly effective. Not only do you get more eyes on your messages, but it’s easy to interact with your app users through text message.

Along with more engagement, texting can close more deals and provide better service. Many clients are open to texting you about their issue rather than calling or even interacting through email. Whether through our TappTracker app or with our Pro SMS Marketing feature, use your CardTapp app to connect and engage with app users to realize more value.

Get Proactive While You’re Tracking Activity in Real-Time

The CardTapp solution provides real-time engagement insights. One of the easiest ways to maximize the return on your app is to take advantage of those insights. Because TappTracker provides real-time notifications, you can rapidly respond to key engagement patterns or buying signals.

Keeping an eye on engagement patterns with TappTracker helps you sell and provide great service. Not only can you identify new or expanded sales opportunities, but you can also watch for possible service issues. This allows you to provide proactive service that can increase retention and customer satisfaction. Using TappTracker to provide proactive service is the second great way you can maximize the value of your app.

Build Strategic Partnerships and Leverage Them for Referrals

Another great way to maximize the value of your app is to leverage your strategic partnerships. Sharing your app is key to realizing a return on your investment, and referral partners can help! Making sure to leverage your app to add value to business partners is key to growing your app user base.

Adding value to referral partners is a great start, but there are other ways to leverage those relationships. Using CardTapp Pro subscription features like co-branding and unique keywords can help leverage your strategic partnerships and add value to your app.

Monitor In-App Usage to Test, Customize, and Follow Up

Using CardTapp to monitor engagement insights is a great way to increase business and provide great service, but it’s also an important way to give clients what they want. Since your personal app is customizable, you should focus on incorporating your custom content into your app.

This not only makes your app incredibly unique, but it also provides a great deal of value to app users. Be sure to use our customized buttons and in-app docs to create a great customer experience through the custom content in your app.

Let Our World-Class Customer Success Team Help Maximize the Value of Your App

Finally, we’re on to our new tip for the article. Use our support team! Did you know we have a team dedicated to helping you get the most out of our complete mobile marketing solution? We want you to have success with our products and we’re here to help.

You can call, email, or even text in your questions or comments! You should be getting periodic contact from us via email. Anytime you need assistance, simply reply to the email or give us a call with whatever we can help with.

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