How to Incorporate Your App Into Your 2021 Strategic Plan

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In the early days of the pandemic, when we were naive and hopeful, we did an article on reworking your 2020 strategic plan. With the fourth quarter upon us, and 2021 knocking on the door, it feels appropriate to repurpose that post looking ahead to next year.

Though 2020 has taught us that nothing is predictable, many expect the pandemic to stretch into next year and likely fundamentally change the way we do business.

Serious changes are likely on the horizon. Remote work is increasingly popular with some already saying “good-bye” to the classic office concept. Even though we don’t know what’s to come, we can expect an increased emphasis on virtual engagement in the future. Your 2021 strategic plan should reflect that.

Your Guide to Incorporating Your App Into Your 2021 Strategic Plan

The Importance of Going Digital

Firstly, going digital is not a new trend. Don’t forget that even when we weren’t under stay-at-home orders, most consumers relied heavily on digital content. Consumers consume digital content now because they’re stuck at home, but they were always rushing to check the web or use technology to help make their days easier.

Consumers have used the digital landscape for news, work, and connection for years now. It’s always been relevant; but now, with the possibility of even more aspects of life “going virtual”, it’s more important than ever to get on board. Virtual home showings, inspections, and more are growing increasingly common thanks to ramped-up infrastructure and increased comfort levels.

How to Incorporate Digital Into Your Strategic Plan

The good news is that you’ve probably already incorporated some level of technology into your current operations. The most logical next step is to consider how you can elevate something (let’s use video conferencing as an example) beyond just a conversation. It’s imperative to think of new ways to leverage tech to generate leads or educate borrowers.

It’s also important to ramp up your social media presence. If you have a strong online presence, it helps lend credibility to other digital strategies. We promote a focus on:

  • Google ratings
  • SEO optimization
  • Targeted digital marketing

How Your CardTapp App Can Help

Your CardTapp platform is extremely customizable. You can add a link to review your business and gather engagement data for more targeted digital marketing. Your CardTapp platform also includes a desktop marketing page. Leads and referrals have the freedom to access this page and request your app. You can message or text the link to your app to just about anyone. New connections and your social media and blog readers can all access your app easily. This self-service feature makes it easy to connect with potential buyers and borrowers.

The platform also boasts an EasyText keyword feature. Members can add their EasyText keywords to social media posts, online ads, and even webinars intended to help potential borrowers looking to improve their credit or first-time homebuyers.

Additionally, CardTapp makes it easy to team up with referral partners and include your EasyText keyword in a virtual open house or home showing registrations. If you co-brand your app with key referral partners, it grants your business a lot of value and gives those partners a strong incentive to share your app.

Connect and Provide Value

Ultimately, you should prioritize making your service easy to find and easy to use. Leverage existing digital trends and find new ways to work them into your business activities. Be sure to structure your app in a way that lends immediate value to users. If you use new digital trends in tandem with proven strategies, you can take on the the upcoming year with confidence.

Be sure to incorporate key pieces of your existing sales process into your app to create value. Adding documents or videos to your app helps provide clients an engaging virtual experience.

Learn More About Incorporating Your App in Your 2020 Strategic Plan

If you want help incorporating your app into your 2021 strategic plan, get in touch with us today! Our team is prepared to help you make the best choices for your business.

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