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In a normal world, salespeople attend happy hours, luncheons, and other networking events to add quality prospects to their pipeline. At least for now, this strategy is likely on hold. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still identify quality prospects for your pipeline. There are several ways to generate leads without in-person networking events. Because technology plays a big role in this process, consider leveraging an existing resource like LinkedIn to bolster your pipeline.

Most sales professionals use LinkedIn as a way to connect with leads, clients, and industry professionals. However, knowing exactly how to utilize LinkedIn to find quality leads can be tricky. Luckily we’ve compiled a quick list of the tips and tricks to help you find the best prospects!

Look for Quality Prospects in Your Competitor’s Network

We know you’ve won over your competitor’s clients before, so this is a no-brainer. You’ve formulated compelling arguments as to why your solution is the best option and know just how to win them over. A lead connected to a competitor not only has a basic understanding of your product/service, but they likely also have a need for it. A quick search of your competitor’s connections is sure to turn up some hot prospects.

Join Groups

This concept is sometimes overlooked by LinkedIn users, but it can be a very powerful tool. When you join a relevant group to your industry or target audience, you have the option of connecting with those who are also in the group with you.

Industry-specific groups are a great opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader. You could post industry insights, engage in meaningful conversations, and build up your network.

Other groups can also be valuable since you can build up your network easily and then see if new connections engage with any of your published content.

“People Also Viewed” Sidebar

To find your next prospect, look to your current clients. When you navigate to one of your customer’s profile on LinkedIn, you’ll see a sidebar titled “People Also Viewed.” This sidebar is a gold mine for new prospects as they are similar to your current clients.

Before jumping into your sales pitch, do a little bit of research on the prospect. Try to identify some interests or activities that would help make the initial introduction more natural and authentic. Better yet – ask for an introduction from your current customer.

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