How to Effectively Integrate New Technology: A Case Study

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Technology can be an incredibly useful tool to any business. However, it can also be cumbersome, and it’s not always worth the time to integrate new technology effectively. The key to effectively introducing a new technology solution to your business is to keep it simple.  Make sure you’re making the solution work for you and not the other way around.

Integrate New Technology Into Existing Processes

Erin Carvelli at Greenway Mortgage is not interested in having a piece of technology that functions outside of her existing processes. She strives to integrate every piece of her technology stack effectively to compliment her existing loan process because tools are most useful when incorporated into every aspect of the sales process.  Here’s a look at how she integrates her CardTapp app to great success.

Streamline CRM Input

It begins with a two-way integration with Surefire by Top of Mind. CRM integrations are key to leveraging your CardTapp app to save time and streamline the loan process. Whenever Erin receives a new contact in her CardTapp app, the integration automatically pushes the lead over to Surefire, and if an application is created outside of the CardTapp app, the lead is added to Surefire then Surefire sends an automatic text with a link to Erin’s CardTapp app to the new applicant. 

Leverage Other Automation Tools

Next up is leveraging her marketing automation tool (Agent Legend) to streamline contact with referrals received through the CardTapp app. Erin uses several campaigns through Agent Legend. For example, when a realtor shares her app, Erin receives an email notification that a campaign started to automatically follow up with the referral providing them with an intro video for Erin and her team as well as other valuable resources for the loan process.

Make the Most Out of New Resources

In addition to incorporating unique content like the intro video into her app, Erin’s team focuses on creating content and adding links to entice people to download and use her app.  She evaluates and refreshes content consistently to keep her app valuable to users. Want to learn more about integrating your CardTapp app with your existing loan process?  Schedule some time with us to create a strategy.


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