How to Build Strong Referral Networks with CardTapp

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Whether your sales team is big or small, your business can’t thrive without referrals.

But finding great referral partners is hard, so it can be time intensive to build strong referral networks. Conventional options don’t give a lot of visibility into who is referring you, who is being sent your way, or why.

CardTapp makes referrals easy and delivers the insights you need to prioritize your follow-up activities. Discover your most profitable partners and take the guesswork out of reaching your hottest leads to close more sales.


Always Capture the Lead’s Contact Information

Referrals are a great way to build strong referral networks. Because of this, CardTapp gives you the power to turn every smartphone into an easy-to-implement referral magnet.

Because the sharing process requires the app to be shared via text message, you never miss a chance to capture a lead’s name and number. Plus, you’re delivering a valuable resource the instant you capture the lead. This means your prospect can continue to learn more about your product or service at their own convenience.

Not only that, but since the whole process happens via a mobile device, it’s incredibly convenient. You never have to worry about business cards and brochures being lost or used for a note instead of what they’re really meant to be used for: to get new business.

Always Know Where Your Leads are Sourced

CardTapp’s digital assistant solution also makes it easy to know where your referral leads are coming from, helping you determine which referral sources to develop and strengthen.

If you’re a loan officer with very few agents sharing your app, you may need to clarify the value of using and sharing your app. Consider reaching out agents with low activity to discuss  tracking data that might interest them. You could also offer to co-brand your app with agents to help encourage them to share it more often. The more your agents see your app as valuable, the more they’re likely to use it. The more they use it and share it, the quicker your network and business grows.

Generating leads is important. Being able to track where your leads are sourced gives you the ability to have laser focus on the next best course of action.

Always Know the Perfect Time to Follow Up

One of the most-loved features about CardTapp is the TappTracker app that is included in the solution. It tracks all user activity on your app. Tracking user activity helps you gain insight on buying signals, customer servicing needs, and general follow-up opportunities. TappTracker is also incredibly powerful for referrals.

Why? You can follow up with  a happy customer or a referral partner who clicks the “share/refer” button but never sends a lead. Maybe they were having trouble with their cellular signal or their phone crashed in the middle of the share.

You can follow up with the referral source and avoid letting that lead fall through the cracks. Sound like a great solution for you to get more referral business? Request a demo today!

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