How Technology Can Help You Exceed Your Sales Quota

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Technology is ever-changing. New products and services are getting introduced into the sales industry daily. This attempt to blend sales and technology isn’t an accident. In fact, it’s intended to help sales people meet and exceed their sales quota. Over the past few years, companies have found that implementing these technological advancements into the sales process deliver big results.

More Money & Mobile Apps

On average, the goal of technology is to save users time or streamline a specific process.  The Software as a Service trend moved most people to the cloud. In fact, sales people likely can access most of their tools on both a computer and mobile device. This alone helps sales people be more productive as they work towards sales quotas.

Similarly, mobile apps have grown in popularity and have proven their worth in the sales space. Mobile apps offer users flexibility and access when they need it. Strategic apps that help drive business help streamline sales professionals day-to-day activities leading to a more productive and effective. From scheduling appointments to generating leads, mobile apps offer value. 

How CardTapp can Help Your Sales Quota

A mobile app like CardTapp isn’t just your average mobile app. Not only does it provide business professionals with a personalized mobile app, the solution also includes features like:

  • Real-time notifications of app activity
  • SMS bulk marketing
  • Automatic CRM lead insertion
  • SMS auto-response keyword

These types of apps are designed to not just be another business app, but a mobile marketing solution, helping every rep surpass their quota! The CardTapp solution helps sales people generate more leads, keep track of those leads, effectively manage referrals

Analytics & Insights

However, the technology that helps close business directly is just one half of the equation, the other half of exceeding a quota is understanding the target demographic. Advancements in analytics, like Tableau and Power BI, help companies better define their audience, brand, and marketing materials. By better understanding your prospects, you can refine your messaging thus allowing you to hone in on hot leads who are most likely to do business with you.

As tech designed for the sales industries continue to advance, the companies or reps who invest and implement it into their sales process will undoubtedly be at the top of the leaderboards.

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