How a Bi-Directional Integration Helps Streamline the Sales Process

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Mortgage rates are hovering around historic lows, and many mortgage lenders have been under water with increased interest in home buying and low housing inventory. The recently announced integration partnership between CardTapp and Top of Mind Networks (Top of Mind) is set to help lenders stay on top of the busy season. CardTapp and Top of Mind now offer an enhanced, bi-directional lead integration that enriches CRM data while saving time. 

CardTapp knows a thing or two about helping lenders save time. Since its inception, 40 million activities have been outsourced to the CardTapp solution. These activities are typically simple in nature but take up a great deal of time. In fact, things like running multiple calculations for borrowers and manual data entry of leads into a CRM account for well over half of the average loan officer’s day. 

Here’s a closer look at what exactly bi-directional integration is and how is helps streamline the sales process.

Better Data with Bi-directional Integration

Though it might look complicated, it’s really not. Bi-directional integration (or cross-platform syncing) is simply connecting two technology systems. It allows the systems to share data back-and-forth. Because the two systems can “talk” to each other, data is more accurate and easier to leverage. In short, this type of integration leads to better data. Bi-directional integrations help:

  • Reduce duplication of records
  • Improve data consistency
  • Simplify workflows
  • Create a unified prospect or customer journey experience

All in all, this type of integration leads to less manual entry of data and less searching through systems for data. Data is accurate and available to use for improved sales results.

Knock Down Data Silos

Similarly, integration creates a centralized location for data. Without integration, multiple different systems might house the needed data. This disjointed approach makes it difficult for salespeople to find what they need. Syncing data creates a significantly smoother process. Because integrated systems send data back-and-forth, lenders should always know where to look. Not only is it easier to find data, it’s easier to enter it. Lenders enter data once and it goes to both systems simultaneously. Less manual entry leads to more accurate data and more time saved.

More Time to Sell

Lenders should be selling. Unfortunately, the average lender only spends 37% of the day on revenue-generating activities. Things like CRM maintenance and pipeline reporting shouldn’t take up more time than they absolutely need to. Therefore, lenders should integrate lead sourcing and management systems to save time. More time saved translates into more time for sales activities.

Streamline Your Process with Integration

Get started with integration. If you already use Surefire CRM and CardTapp, just let us know you’re ready to get started. Only have half of the setup?  Schedule a demo with CardTapp or Surefire by Top of Mind to learn more on how a bi-directional integration could yield increased business insights, referrals, repeat business, and shorter sales cycles.

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