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Did you know that, on average, 60 percent of iPhone users and 40% of Android users are opting out of push notifications? If you’re looking for a way to get more engagement with your brand, SMS Marketing is the way to go.

It’s no secret: people find push notifications annoying.

1. Push Notifications aren’t Just Annoying – They’re Risky

Just how annoying? 46% of people disable an app’s push notifications after receiving just 2-5 alerts within one week. If the app sends 6 or more alerts in one week, watch out! 32% of those users will just delete the app altogether.

If you use a branded app for your business, this is a major issue. Why? Because every push notification you send puts you at risk for getting your app deleted from the phone of the very person you’re trying to keep engaged.

2. Text Messages = Lower Risk + More Engagement

Unlike most push notifications, people actually engage with text messages.

98% of all SMS messages are opened, and on average, they’re read in under 5 seconds! And it’s no different when it comes to business texts. 80% of people are currently using texting for business and 15% report that more than half their messages are already for business purposes.

Over half of customers said they would be likely to text with a customer support agent. And 52 percent would actually prefer texting customer support over their current form of communication.

3. Texts Correlate to Higher Closing Rates

But what’s even more important is that sales prospects who are sent text messages actually convert at a higher rate — 40% higher than those who are not sent any text messages!

Need more proof that businesses need to take SMS marketing seriously? Check out the rest of these stats compiled by OneReach.

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