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We’re wrapping up our series on how to create a great digital sales engagement process. So far, we highlighted the need to add value with integrated content, present the benefits of your process, and offer a strategic introduction. Lastly, we’ll put all of these pieces together with a guided process for the clients.  Creating an easy-to-follow process gives clients the independence they crave and the efficiency you need.

Why Focus on a Guided Process?

Recently we highlighted the growing popularity of a client-guided sales process. In this article, we looked at the growing popularity of a self-service model. Not only does this model give clients the flexibility they want to access the sales process, but it also frees you up for other tasks. Indeed, a self-service model helps you check in with and assist clients while also focusing on things that move the needle.

Additionally, consumers learn better when they see things in action. This means that you should not only create a self-guided process, but you should also demonstrate the process. If you took our first article of this series to heart, this should be easy. With your existing content in your app, walking a client through the process is a snap. This demo can become your new introduction meeting.

Share the App

In order to get the client set up with your digital sales engagement process, you must share your app. Your app should connect the client with everything they need for the upcoming sales journey. At this point, you should have already introduced the value of the solution and presented a summary of why this process is important.

The next step is to say, “I’d love to share it with you now — it just takes a minute.” You can either ask them for their cell phone number if you don’t already have it in your contacts or share it with them right away. The process works best if you’re sitting next to each other or on a call and you’re looking at your phones together. This allows you to explain each step of the process.

And as you share it, you should explain what’s going to happen next.

“Let’s go ahead and get you set up with my app. This will be how you access the digital sales process we just discussed. You should get a text message with the link in just a moment.”

“When you click on the link in the text message, you’re going to see a screen that shows you how to add the icon to your home screen.”

Walk them through the installation process if needed and prompt them to open the app. If the registration page makes them nervous, be sure to let them know that the information stays within the app and isn’t shared. Ask them to review it for accuracy.

Walk Them Through the Sales Process

Similarly, you’ll want to give an example of a typical sales process. Hopefully, you have a step-by-step guide or checklist in the app to help with this. It’s time to highlight the value that you’re giving them with the app. Let them navigate through the app following your standard sales process. Be brief and succinct, but review the process they should expect.

Then lastly, ask them to share your app so they can see how that process works. You can ask them to share it back to you or share it with someone who might need your services.

Close by reiterating the value of the app. When clients use the app, salespeople are able to deliver better service and respond much more quickly since they know  what’s happening with their clients. You can tell clients that you’ve gotten feedback from people who love that they’re able to do this better because of my app.

Even after sharing the app, continue to highlight the value and how using the app benefits them throughout each step of the sales process.

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

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