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Data drives successful sales strategies. When used effectively, data creates impressive sales results. There are a few standard types of data that salespeople frequently utilize. The first is customer data, which is typically housed in a CRM for easy access, tracking, and marketing. Next is data about how customers are interacting with a brand or service. These interactions lead to engagement insights. Engagement insights not only help identify where leads are in the sales process, but they also help prioritize a salesperson’s follow-up activities. Combining these two data sources creates a powerful resource to help drive sales and save time.

Now, CardTapp users can not only get valuable engagement insights with their CardTapp app, but they can also link to the powerful Surefire CRM with a bi-directional integration. This integration allows data to freely flow between the two systems helping lenders save time, maximize referrals, and accelerate the sales process.

Unified CRM Data and Engagement Insights

One of the most valuable parts of integrating CRM data and engagement insights is the ability to connect records. Instead of accessing records in multiple systems, lenders now have a source to get a more complete picture. In fact, lenders can use the combination of CRM data and engagement activity to close more deals. Because unified data is easier to access and more accurate, lenders can better and more quickly identify buying signals. More insight into buying signals allows lenders to prioritize their follow-up activities in order to close more deals.

More Accurate Forecasts

Unfortunately, lead capture is often viewed as a waste of time. Salespeople would rather be out selling instead of at the computer entering lead information. Because lead entry is cumbersome, many leads never make it into the pipeline. Instead, many leads (especially referrals) make it into the CRM system right before the deal is closed. Without a complete picture of deals that are in flight, pipeline reports are inaccurate and lead to poor sales forecasts. An integration between a CRM system and a lead generation solution helps resolve this. Connecting CRM data and newly generated leads is incredibly beneficial. Integrating this data leads to:

  • More leads entered into the CRM
  • Fewer errors from manual entry
  • More accurate pipeline reports
  • More accurate sales forecasts

Additionally, CRM data and engagement insights can better segment portfolios. With a more complete view of customers and their interactions with the service, lenders can better identify target markets. Segmenting customers leads to more efficient marketing since marketing efforts and messages are targeted to specific customer segments.

Use Integration for a Better Loan Process.

Since a bi-directional integration allows multiple systems to “talk to” each other, it streamlines the data gathering process. Not only does it streamline the process, but it also breaks down data silos. Therefore, lenders spend less time searching for the data they need, less time creating accurate sales reports, and less time manually entering data into multiple systems. With less administrative tasks to take care of, lenders are more productive and connect with leads quicker.

Along with saving time, an integration improves the sales process for all involved.  Lenders can focus on closing current deals and generating new leads while customers enjoy a seamless customer journey experience. Ready to connect your CRM data and customer engagement insights? Schedule demos to see how integrating CardTapp with Surefire CRM can streamline your process.

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