How Coaches Unlock Your Potential Through External Motivation

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There are a few people in the world who have an iron personal will. They set a goal for themselves and methodically take every step to reach that goal. They drink enough water, exercise the right amount, and keep a cool head in an emergency. But most of us don’t have iron self-will without external motivation. We work hard to reach 80% of our goals most of the time and use every tool available to try to get just a little closer to our short-term and long-term goals.

For most of us, we can read all the self-help books in the world and fill out the most detailed planner and we’ll still have missed a few points by the end of the day. That’s because internal will and external will are separate. When you tell yourself to do something, how well do you stick to it? What about when a friend is doing it with you?

Most of us also find that when we do something with another person; when we hear good advice from a friend or exercise with a partner, we’re more likely to strive harder, reach for that 100%, and make healthier personal decisions. This is the synergy principle that is at the core of personal coaching.

External Motivation and the Value of Coaching

There’s a reason every great athlete has a great coach behind them: It takes at least two people for any one person to reach their best performance. We motivate ourselves better when someone is motivating us. We make better decisions with just one other person backing up our better judgment. When an athlete’s muscles strain, they might give up on their own. But when a coach says “One more lap!” suddenly working hard feels like pride instead of pain.

Of course, you don’t have to be an athlete to gain the benefit of external motivation through professional coaching. Most of us have felt the power of external motivation when a friend encourages us to make the better choice in a tough decision, or if we’ve ever taken a health challenge with a friend to boost each other’s success.

Finding a Coach to Reach Your Own Potential

Each of us is on a personal journey to our best selves. We strive to understand our feelings and actualize our motivations. We work hard to maintain balanced mental health and to keep our bodies healthy and relatively fit. But unless you have that unique iron will, internal motivation can only take each of us so far. If you want to unlock your own internal potential, a coach is a great way to help you identify, pursue, and reach your goals.

Coaching provides you with a specialized friend who is trained to have the right answers for the improvement you seek. A professional coach may help you identify and learn the skills you need for your next promotion. A mental wellness coach might help you identify your emotions and stick to plans that will help you find strength and actualization. A personal trainer will help you reach your athletic peak.

Accessing the Power of External Motivation

Most of all, coaches empower you with external motivation. When your coach says you need to work harder, or that you’re doing a good job, you can believe them without second-guessing your self-perceptions. When your coach outlines a plan for success or agrees with your plan to succeed, you know it’s good advice and doesn’t have to doubt yourself with every step.

Your coach can help you turn tough times into learning experiences and lessen the burden of a recent setback by sharing your disappointment. Even better, a coach can cheer you on when you’re succeeding and you’ll feel twice as accomplished.

Unlock your inner potential through external motivation with the help of online coaching. Contact us today to connect with the right coach for your mental, emotional, and professional needs.

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