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Loan Officer’s Business Flourishes With Mobile App

Michele Catoire: Loan Officer, Branch Manager, and Longtime CardTapp User Michele Catoire is a senior loan officer and branch manager at Envoy Mortgage right here in Bellevue, Washington (CardTapp HQ)! She was one of CardTapp’s very first customers and has been both loyal and thoroughly happy with her purchase since day one. Throughout that time,…

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how to grow your referrals fast

How to Accelerate Your Organic Referral Lead Capture: The Weichert Case Study

The CardTapp complete mobile marketing solution is designed to accelerate your networking capabilities through organic referral lead growth as you share you app. We love watching this happen in real time. We recently studied the activities of a member who uses our solution to grow his leads and find more networking opportunities. Alexander Arcelay is…

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how to put your business card to work for real results

Putting Paper to Work: How to Get Your Business Card to Deliver Real Results

Yesterday, the Guardian released an article claiming that businesses cards won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. In the U.S. alone, 27,397,260 business cards are printed every day. From the standard name-phone-email-and-logo-on-white-cardstock-paper to creative new designs, shapes, scannable, or even high-tech versions that project 3D images or link to a home page, we’re not slowing down…

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Getting Started: 2 Easy Ways to Share Your Custom App Faster

Once you’ve got your app customized just the way your customers and referral partners will love, you’re ready to start sharing. While we usually recommend sharing your app one-to-one for best results, getting your app in the most hands as possible will get it working for you faster! Here are 2 great tools that will…

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