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How to Become a Sales Networking All-Star

Quality VS Quantity Many people think that networking is all about racking up the most business cards and adding everyone on Linkedin. However, effective networking isn’t about meeting the most clients possible, it’s about the quality of who you are making connections with. An all-star networker knows that its all about quality of the contact…

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3 Ways To Stay Connected With Leads In The Summer Sun

With the summer season ramping up, everyone is preparing for vacations, sunny days outside, and jam-packed fun weekends! The summer months are a notorious season for seeing leads fall off the radar. Though this doesn’t have to be the case: check out three ideas on how to combat your hot leads from going dark on…

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why you don't get referrals even though you ask for them

So You’re Asking for Referrals but Not Getting Any: 3 Reasons Why

If you’re asking for referrals, you’re already a step ahead of your peers. A lot of people don’t get referrals because they just don’t ask for them. Sales training guru Dale Carnegie famously stated that though 91 percent of customers reported that they’d give referrals when prompted to do so, only 11 percent of salespeople actually ask for them. Referrals are…

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referrals partners how to identify

3 Ways to Identify Valuable Referral Relationships

Establishing and maintaining just one relationship takes work. A strong community won’t build itself overnight — well, not for most people, anyway. A powerful network will always take time and energy to get going and keep strong. Still, there are some approaches that keep the momentum up and ease some of the usual road bumps. Here are some great…

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