CardTapp and Total Expert Enhance Integration for Customer Relations Management

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CardTapp is exploring innovative ways of empowering businesses and individuals to build stronger connections with their clients. For this reason, CardTapp continues to evolve its  integration with time-saving app sharing and contact tagging options. The app-sharing and contact-tagging options will translate into a lot of benefits for loan originators. These features streamline the loan process, saving time by availing all the vital information on clients in one snapshot for better customer relations management.

Enhancing Integration for Customer Relations Management

The integration of app-sharing and contact-tagging offers lenders on-the-go tools to filter and prioritize their prospective clients wherever they are. The CardTapp app combined with the Total Expert Marketing Operating System provides a centralized platform for effective brand management. Financial services such as mortgage lending will now be more convenient since this system makes room for audit-ready compliance and a fast decision-making process.

The app-sharing and contact-tagging features also enhance the existing integration capabilities between CardTapp and Total Expert. This integration enables CardTapp leads to be added into Total Expert automatically, which saves time, improving accuracy since it limits manual data entry and enhances data consistency.

Integration also helps mortgage originators navigate today’s highly dynamic market. It enables them to use every available resource to keep up with the high demand and convert more leads. To make this process more effective and smoother, all features need to be in one place; hence, the need for integration.

Total Expert and CardTapp

Total Expert provides lenders with a single point of productivity to deploy borrower engagement tools such as CardTapp. Users achieve the flexibility they need to scale and automate follow-up in the client’s journey to obtain a loan successfully. CardTapp, on its part, equips borrowers with tools like loan calculators. CardTapp also provides a way to easily grow a sales network and give clients a virtual engagement experience.

The ultimate result of such integration is time-saving and improved productivity. The app frees lenders because the borrowers can calculate their loans on their own and run their refi scenarios. Lenders can maximize referrals and speed the sales process since the borrower has already done much on their part.

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Total Expert lives up to its name, providing cutting-edge technology and service to the mortgage industry. Its marketing automation builds on an award-winning technology that delivers actionable, personalized intelligence in every client and prospect’s entire homeownership cycle.

The client engagement technology at CardTapp combined with Total Experts’ expertise is a sure game-changer. According to CardTapp CEO Ben Brashen, this innovative combination saves the  lender valuable time while converting more prospects into clients. The virtual engagement technology offloads some essential tasks to the prospective borrowers or clients, such as loan calculations, to make confident decisions themselves.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a seamless experience connecting with their customers and converting leads to clients. If you have any queries or would like any assistance with our services, please contact us.

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