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The data analytics firm Black Knight recently released their Mortgage Monitor report for August 2020, and the insights are inspiring! Even with the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Knight outlines how the mortgage refinance market will continue to boom until at least 2022. At this time in 2019, there were approximately 11.7 million eligible high-quality refinance candidates. There are currently an estimated 19.3 million high-quality candidates who represent about 43% of all 30-year mortgages in the US.

This strong refinance market, coupled with low-interest rates, is already a boon to the market. And, with the Federal Housing Finance Agency announcing the delay to the adverse market refinance fee until December 1, 2020, it means that the slow-walk for refinancing has turned into a sprint.  Here’s how you can make the most out of the refi sprint while taking care of the rest of your portfolio.

Anticipate an Influx BEFORE It Happens

Don’t we all wish we had a little more foresight into various aspects of life? While we can’t deliver a crystal ball to you, using the TappTracker app helps you capture the data you need to help you better anticipate fluctuations. Identifying trends as they occur gives you precious time to adjust your workflow accordingly to maximize your business’s potential. TappTracker allows you to nurture active referrals and stay up-to-date with user activity that helps you prioritize connections.

Add Value for Prospective Clients With Calculators

The calculators in the CardTapp app are a crucial feature that not only saves you time but adds value to potential leads and current clients. New leads can access your comprehensive tools to help them make informed decisions. This will save them a lot of time and frustration, quickly finding what they need instead of bouncing around to various sites. Current clients enjoy the convenience of using your calculators to refinance or purchase a new home. Additionally, it keeps you at the forefront of their mind as they navigate their options.

Lastly, the calculators help you increase your sales by providing leads and clients with easy to understand, accurate snapshots of what they can afford. Your clients will love how straightforward and transparent the process can be when you use the suite of CardTapp tools!

A One-Stop Digital Assistant for Mortgage Professionals

The CardTapp solution complements one another to maximize time and cost savings for you and your clients. The CardTapp solution creates a virtual engagement tool that streamlines your sales process. CardTapp helps you:

  • Provide a fast way for new leads and current clients to explore ways they can save money with in-app calculators
  • Cut down on manual entry of leads with CRM integration
  • Communicate effectively with targeted one-to-one or group texts using SMS Marketing tools
  • Send out important news and updates or automate your FAQ with customized buttons
  • Connect app users with forms, marketing materials, rate sheets, and much more directly from your personal app with in-app docs
  • Collect multiple leads at one with your EasyText keyword

We’re Different, and We’ll Prove It

We’re building the most comprehensive suite of tools on the market that allow you to integrate your existing applications and act as a central hub for your mortgage company. Stop spreading your energy across multiple platforms and losing time. CardTapp fully integrates with the most popular applications like:

  • Surefire by Top of Mind
  • Total Expert
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho
  • PipeDrive

Still skeptical that CardTapp is right for you? Let us prove it. With the refi sprint picking up the pace, don’t find yourself left behind! Please schedule an appointment with one of our Customer Journey Managers today!

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