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get better roi out of your cardtapp app

5 Ways to Immediately Get More ROI Out of Your App

We’re constantly learning creative ways that CardTapp members are using the solution to solve business problems or achieve new goals. No matter how long you’ve had your app, here’s some hacks you might not already be implementing that will help you get even more ROI out of it. Send Lots of Text Messages from TappTracker…

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how to grow your referrals fast

How to Accelerate Your Organic Referral Lead Capture: The Weichert Case Study

The CardTapp complete mobile marketing solution is designed to accelerate your networking capabilities through organic referral lead growth as you share you app. We love watching this happen in real time. We recently studied the activities of a member who uses our solution to grow his leads and find more networking opportunities. Alexander Arcelay is…

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sms tet bulk marketing cardtapp tapptracker

Introducing App Bulk SMS Marketing for CardTapp

Does your phone blow up all day with push notifications from all the apps you’ve downloaded? …Or have you already changed your settings to turn those annoying alerts off so they’re not distracting you all day long? It’s No Secret: Push Notifications Don’t Hold Anyone’s Affections One study notes that, on average, 60% of iPhone…

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why you need a digital business line for your home business

3 Reasons to Stop Using Your Personal Cell Number and Get a Virtual Business Line

As the trend to keep our mobile phones within arm’s reach only continues to increase, the line between personal-communications and work-communications gets blurrier and blurrier and the practice of using our personal cell phones for business purposes seems virtually unavoidable. The reality is that you don’t have to give your personal mobile number to your…

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