5 Keys to Client Retention & How CardTapp Can Help

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We’re wrapping up our series on maximizing client retention with a summary. Over the last few weeks, we highlighted a handful of strategies to not only keep customers coming back for repeat business but to increase referrals as well. Why focus on client retention? You’ve likely heard that it’s significantly more expensive to gain a new client than to keep the ones you already have. Not only is expanding sales to existing clients easier, but satisfied clients tend to refer more business. Here’s a quick review of the five keys to maximizing client retention and how CardTapp can help.

Foster Positive Word-of-Mouth

Word-of-mouth is a very powerful marketing tool that can work for or against you. Therefore, you want to do everything possible to create positive experiences to promote positive word-of mouth. Because consumers increasingly trust other consumers’ recommendations over traditional advertising, this is the first key. Make sure your Google profile and social media pages are set up with accurate information. Next, consistently ask your clients to leave feedback on your profiles. Then, be sure to highlight the positive reviews you receive. Use CardTapp to add buttons that:

  • Connect leads with reviews or testimonials
  • Make it easy for satisfied clients to leave reviews or feedback

Add a Personal Touch

Connecting with a clients is incredibly important to establish trust and build that relationship. Therefore, it’s important to understand key information about your client that helps build a strong bond. Some salespeople have a knack for remembering these types of details. However, not everyone has that gift. If you need help “remembering” key details about clients, it’s best to take notes. Indeed, noting key details about a client’s family, hobbies, or significant life event can really set you apart in future conversations. Use CardTapp to jot down important tidbits after a meeting or networking event. Indeed, making notes quickly after an interaction can help salespeople ensure it gets back to their centralized CRM or other customer profile system.

Ask for Referrals

Another great way to increase client retention is to take great care of the people clients refer. The best way to way to get referrals is to ask for them. Since most clients are willing to refer others, they may just need a nudge. CardTapp helps you collect referrals in a central location and follow-up quickly to keep clients and referrals happy.

Prioritize Keeping in Touch

Calling to say, “hello” is good, but calling to say, “Congratulations on your daughter’s team winning that tournament” is even better. Using the notes you take on your clients to add a personal touch makes intentional follow-up easy. Not only is it important to stay top of mind, but highlighting personal details is more impactful. Therefore, your follow-up is more memorable and effective. Use CardTapp to reference notes on clients or use tags to categorize clients for birthday or anniversary follow-up. Schedule these types of activities with the SMS marketing feature for even better results.

Keep it Simple

From your sales process to the way you manage referrals. An easy process is critical to success. In fact, the easier the process, the more likely clients are likely to return and refer others. Focus on adding resources that make your solution easy to research, understand, and compare. CardTapp can help connect prospects to these resources.

Your Partner for Client Retention

In addition to the five keys to retaining clients, CardTapp helps you give great service by providing real-time engagement insights. Closely monitoring client activity with tools and resources can help salespeople offer best in class service that keeps clients coming back.

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