3 Ways to Boost any Team’s Sales Productivity

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A true sign of great leaders is that they know how to empower & support their sales team to become a force to be reckoned with. Great leaders focus their actions and decisions on maximizing their team’s sales productivity. Setting your team up for success is all about providing the right tools, challenging them with strategic goals, and aligning your company’s values with each team member’s strengths. This guidance naturally leads to increased production.

Provide Mobile Sales Tools

Anyone can be a great sales professional, but without the right tools, they will fall flat. By implementing tools that foster the success of your team, you will see productivity and closed deals surge. Though you may think that you have given your reps everything they need for success, there may be tools they are missing. Reps need a tool that connects them with borrowers and encourages virtual engagement.

A mobile app is the easiest way to achieve virtual engagement with borrowers, so it is critical to success. In fact, of the time people spend on digital media, well over half is on mobile apps.  To transform any sales rep into a top performer, it’s crucial to provide a mobile solution that gives them the ability to connect with prospects and clients. CardTapp gives members the ability to:

  • Provide valuable tools and resources to prospects and clients
  • See real-time buying signals and alerts
  • Integrate with a CRM system
  • Send SMS marketing messages
  • Co-brand with key referral partners

Especially in the current environment, being able to easily connect with clients is key.

Set and Agree on Sales Productivity Goals

Every sales professional should have goals in mind. However, a leader’s job is to ensure those goals are effective. Whether overly aggressive or lax, improper goals can lead to poor performance. Work with team members to make sure goals are:

  • Sufficiently challenging
  • Clear
  • Achievable in the allotted time
  • Built with a process for feedback

Setting appropriate expectations for your sales reps and holding them accountable will lead to better team performance. Reaching an agreement on productivity goals gives reps ownership of the expectations. This ownership encourages a rep to go above and beyond, pushing their limits and becoming the powerhouse you know they can be.

Guarantee Alignment

Every top performer wants to believe in the work their company is doing. In a McKinsey report, companies’ earnings margin were twice as likely to be above the median when people understood and were excited about their company’s direction. By aligning your company’s strategies, values, and objectives with interests and strengths of your employees, your sales team will become more motivated and productive. In fact, according to Mckinsey this type of alignment gives your organization a major advantage because it provides employee with clarity of desired activities.

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

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