3 Things to Avoid for Effective Sales Calls

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Especially in today’s climate, sales calls are an important part of the sales process. But if you want to be a true pro when it comes to making effective sales calls, avoid these 3 common mistakes!

Ignoring Objections

As a sales rep, you are bound to face objections, but ignoring them to jump into your pitch is a big mistake. Disregarding a concern makes it clear that you aren’t listening to the prospect.

For an effective sales call, you must not only listen to the lead but also respect any pushback you may receive. Their concerns are valid and can actually help you tailor your pitch to better suit your prospect’s needs. Successful sales reps know they should never neglect their prospect’s opinions, and this rule holds true from the very first call to the very last. Instead of thinking about objections as things that should be handled or surmounted, consider them as an opportunity to clarify the value of your solution.

Lack of Planning

Before any sales call you should have enough insights and information about the prospect and their company. Without knowledge of what your lead needs or how their company functions, your sales calls are sure to fail. You won’t be able to make a connection or effectively communicate how you could assist them in their success.

Tools like Linkedin, Albacross or CardTapp’s mobile marketing solution, can help you get the inside scoop on your leads. These types of solutions provide important insights on potential clients.  The more you know about a lead, the more likely you are to identify a pain point, introduce the value of your solution, and move to close the deal.

Feature-Focused Instead of Value-Focused

Another common mistake is simply explaining how your product or service works without touching on benefits. During a sales call, your potential clients want to know what you’re bringing to the table and why it matters for them.

In fact, the most successful salespeople spend up to 52% more time talking about business value than their poorer-performing peers. Great sales reps incorporate insights into their calls, showcase the value, and provide solutions to their leads.

Capitalize on Effective Sales Calls

Having a great initial sales call is a good start, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. An effective intro call is where the real work begins. Since few deals are closed with one call, it’s critical that you set yourself up for success. Therefore, solutions that can add value to the sales process and provide insights on your leads can help improve the process and close more deals. CardTapp is one such solution. With CardTapp, you can customize a digital app with tools and resources that are valuable to leads and customers. CardTapp also gives you the ability to review engagement levels with the app. These metrics provide you not only with a better understanding of your leads but an improved likelihood of identifying when a lead is ready to close the deal, which can lead to more closed deals.

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