3 Reasons You Should Schedule Text Marketing Campaigns

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Delivering marketing messages via text has become more popular in recent years. Texting clients and prospects is a great way to stay top of mind. Salespeople can leverage text messages to not only effectively market their brand, but also to streamline communication with consumers.  Every salesperson should have text marketing campaigns in their strategic plan. Not only should campaigns be part of the strategy, salespeople should schedule those messages. Salespeople can easily schedule text messages with CardTapp’s new scheduled campaigns functionality.

Scheduling Text Marketing Campaigns Saves Time

Salespeople with well-developed text marketing campaigns not only save time but also get a big return from texts. If you have taken the time to segment your customer base, it’s easy to send targeted marketing texts that add value. With CardTapp’s bulk texting feature, text messages appear as an individual thread. That is, even though salespeople send text messages with a single click, every recipient receives an individual message. Recipients can respond to the message directly, which helps salespeople keep track of conversations. It also provides salespeople with an easy way to keep business and personal texts separate.

More Engagement with Texting

It’s natural for consumers to engage with text messages. Even with marketing messages, texts are opened and read at an impressive rate. In fact, 90% of texts are read within 30 minutes. Because texting is easy and convenient, consumers are more likely to engage with your brand.

Additionally, consumers benefit from a personal touch since messages allow direct engagement with the salesperson. Furthermore, salespeople can add a “wow” factor by quickly responding to messages within the thread thanks to instant notifications from TappTracker.

Schedule Texts for More Consistency

In order to make the most out of a text marketing strategy, salespeople must actually send the texts. Often, follow-up messages fall through the cracks. With so many things to remember and do, remembering each prospect or customer you need to follow up with can be overwhelming. By scheduling text messages, lenders can free up some of their head real-estate. Instead of trying to remember a long list of follow-up activities, lenders can instead schedule a follow-up message right away. This ensures the message is personalized and sent. Salespeople can contact the customer automatically and strategically, without much thought.

Not only can salespeople schedule follow-up texts based on conversations, they can send messages throughout the sales process. For example, lenders could schedule text marketing messages after:

  • They receive a referral
  • They pre-qualify or pre-approve a potential borrower
  • A borrower closes on a home

Lenders should identify key parts of their sales process where they can reach out to borrowers. Scheduled outreach helps maintain strong customer service. Additionally, a smooth and consistent process increases the likelihood of referrals.

Start Scheduling Text Marketing Campaigns with CardTapp

CardTapp is a virtual client engagement solution that makes your tools and resources easy to access. Our Pro subscription includes bulk SMS capabilities, which now includes scheduling functionality. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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