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Customer engagement resources


Every personal app comes with a wealth of ready-to-use tools that are easy to setup and will keep your customers and past clients engaged!

  • Branding: customize colors, styling, pictures, and logos
  • Built in tools: comes with great ready-to-use industry specific resources
  • Customization: add any other online resources like forms, websites or rss feeds
How to Replace Your Business Card in the Conversation


Get insights about your prospects’ price range and sensitivity.


Display industry rates and show how you stack up against your competitors.

Lead Capture

Capture each prospect’s contact information whenever you share your personalized app!

Business Card

New logo? New contact info? Make all your updates in one place and never worry about reprinting cards again.


No need to navigate to another app. Call, email, or text your prospects directly from your TappTracker app.

Document Scanner

Scan and share important documents with prospects, clients, and referral partners.

Native Apps

Confidently share your personalized app. It’s secure, stable, and works across multiple operating systems.


Prioritize your follow ups with real time notifications when people share, view, and tap on your app.

MCA Framework Webinar_FasterConnections

Better engagement with your prospects, streamlined

Keeping your clients and prospects engaged is a snap! Make real connections one-on-one, retain customers with sticky content, and earn more referrals from your happy customers.

  • Lead acquisition: designed to be easy for you (or anyone with your app!) to share and always captures contact information!
  • Customer engagement: built with direct messaging, custom forms, calculators, industry news, and any other online content you want.
  • Instant activity updates: provides the insights to know when your prospects are getting hotter and follow up immediately.