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Experienced Auto Salesman Finds Innovative, Simple Way to Capture More Leads

DAVE PARSONS, Automotive Sales Veteran: NISSAN SACRAMENTO Dave Parsons is an automotive sales professional with 10 plus years experience in his niche. Faced with a force of 14 sales professionals at his dealership, Dave has always looked for unique ways to connect with clients that helps him stand out above the rest. He had been…

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success habits

2 Habits of Successful Business Owners

Our growing member base — entrepreneurs, business owners, sales leaders, service professionals and everything in between! — has revealed some powerful insights about the correlation of their success and certain behaviors with their apps. We’ve talked a lot before about having a habit of regularly sharing and following up to be successful because we know that members who…

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Dana Croft from CardTapp on Sailing to Success Podcast

3 Keys to Running Your Own Successful Small Business

Lyndsay Phillips of the Sailing to Success podcast, recently interviewed CardTapp’s National Account Director, Dana Croft. Dana is a single mother of two with 18 years of experience in the sales and she has built over 2,500 apps for a large range of industries and company sizes. Dana and Lyndsay offered a ton of valuable information on…

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