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Dana Croft from CardTapp on Sailing to Success Podcast

3 Keys to Running Your Own Successful Small Business

Lyndsay Phillips of the Sailing to Success podcast, recently interviewed CardTapp’s National Account Director, Dana Croft. Dana is a single mother of two with 18 years of experience in the sales and she has built over 2,500 apps for a large range of industries and company sizes. Dana and Lyndsay offered a ton of valuable information on…

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Dealership Marketing Director Rolls Out Apps for His Entire Sales Floor, Is Blown Away By Results

Troy Luchini, Marketing Director: Titus Will Chevrolet Have you heard some of the great stories from the guys using CardTapp at Titus Will Chevrolet? Troy was the brains behind getting his entire dealership using CardTapp. He signed up for a group account, which gave him an admin dashboard so he could track his sales team’s…

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Auto Salesman Lets His App Bring Him Business

Jorge Grajeda: Automotive Sales Consultant, Titus Will Chevrolet Jorge hasn’t been selling cars for long, but when he started three years ago he immediately understood the importance of providing outstanding customer service. Learning how to develop better relationships with his clients, he sought out different kinds of tools that could equip him to become a…

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