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how to put your business card to work for real results

Putting Paper to Work: How to Get Your Business Card to Deliver Real Results

Yesterday, the Guardian released an article claiming that businesses cards won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. In the U.S. alone, 27,397,260 business cards are printed every day. From the standard name-phone-email-and-logo-on-white-cardstock-paper to creative new designs, shapes, scannable, or even high-tech versions that project 3D images or link to a home page, we’re not slowing down…

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Getting Started: 2 Easy Ways to Share Your Custom App Faster

Once you’ve got your app customized just the way your customers and referral partners will love, you’re ready to start sharing. While we usually recommend sharing your app one-to-one for best results, getting your app in the most hands as possible will get it working for you faster! Here are 2 great tools that will…

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dana croft and mark jennison

Easy Networking in Today’s Technology Driven World

Dana Croft is always topping the charts on our sales team. She’s always hitting and exceeding her sales goals and has been invited to share her insights on many media outlets. Recently, she was invited on The Comeback Podcast with Mark Jennison to talk about networking in the new era of technology. Mark and Dana have a…

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mortgage lo loyalty with realtor partners

4 Ways LOs can Build Loyalty with Realtor Partners

Mortgage leads are not cheap. With huge companies and lenders like Redfin, Zillow, Wells Fargo, and QuickenLoan, dominating the ad space, Google AdWords can easily cost $20-50 per click! And much of the time, after you capture one expensive lead, they’re not committed to you and don’t even end up closing. You need a steady stream…

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4 Behaviors to Master If You Want to Increase Referrals and Customer Loyalty

“One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” – Jim Rohn You may have heard this quote before. It’s a popular one — and for good reason. Customer loyalty is arguably the best indicator of your business’ longevity. Customer service metrics should be a key performance indicator in your…

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