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Case Study: ROI on a Loan Officer’s Investment in a Mobile App

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard the term “ROI” or Return on Investment. Simply put, it’s just a measurement of how much money are you putting toward any initiative vs how much money are you getting back from that initiative. But ROI is notoriously difficult to measure. Why? Let’s…

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Home Sweet Home

How to Become a Mobile Friendly Originator: Podcast

Last week our Co-Founder, Ryan Leopold, and Derek van Dam, a Sales Manager with Movement Mortgage, joined the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast, a project of The Mortgage Marketing Institute to talk about originating in the mobile age. Ryan and Derek, who also uses CardTapp’s mobile marketing solution, both believe that modern originators must have a mobile friendly client and…

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Ryan Leopold on My Credit Guy Webinar

Why Mobile Marketing is Crucial for Mortgage Professionals: Interview with My Credit Guy

Our Co-Founder, Ryan Leopold, joined My Credit Guy yesterday for a live interview to talk about CardTapp’s mobile marketing solution for mortgage professionals. Among other things, their conversation touches on: The difference between CardTapp and the usual native mobile app Cost effective Fast set up Instant tracking Click the image below to watch the Facebook…

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