Mobile and digital solutions are no longer the future, virtual engagement is here and is crucial for any successful business. However, many businesses don’t have a virtual engagement strategy let alone know what it takes to make their digital presence effective. Especially when more and more consumers prefer to engage with businesses on their own time, a virtual engagement strategy is a must. There are several things to consider when building a successful engagement strategy.

Brand Experience

In order to build a strong virtual engagement strategy, a mobile presence that aligns with your current brand and messaging is key. In fact, any venture into mobile should not only should have the same key messaging, it should also look and feel similar. Implementing a seamless brand experience across all channels will help you establish your brand, build brand recognition, and foster loyalty among consumers.

Mobile App

If your solution isn’t mobile, you’re missing the boat. As consumers continue to use their smartphone throughout the sales cycle, having a mobile-responsive website is not enough anymore.  Having a mobile app is now seen as a standard among consumers. In fact, mobile apps have a much higher engagement rate than their mobile web and desktop counterparts. And when we say “much higher”, we mean it – in the realm of 100%-300% higher. This means to be successful in the mobile realm, any business needs a mobile app.

Not only should your mobile app be easy to use, it should set the stage for virtual engagement. Clients or prospects should be able to use your app not only to engage with you but to easily walk through your sales process. Your app should serve as the guide to a seamless and valuable customer experience.

Relevant Social Presence

Having a social presence isn’t just helpful for your virtual engagement strategy anymore, it’s essential. Apps like Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat are great ways to engage prospects and customers alike. Social accounts can make a significant impact on the success of a mobile strategy, but they must be used correctly.

Most consumers look at your social pages as a way to interact with your business and brand. Companies that don’t take the time to engage on social media are losing potential clients. Furthermore, these companies are missing out on maximizing the value of their mobile presence.  Though you may not have time to respond to every tweet, direct message, or comment, you should engage as much as possible. Consider building a bank of common responses or researching chatbot solutions. A chatbot can help answer straightforward questions and requests so that you can spend your time on complex inquiries. Properly run social accounts are a great and easy way to strengthen customer engagement.

Text Message (SMS) Marketing

Unlike emails, SMS marketing messages have a 90% open rate and are usually read within 3 minutes! With numbers like that, it should be no surprise that SMS marketing is a key part of successful customer engagement. Aside from having impressive open rates, SMS marketing provides a trackable platform, instant delivery, personalization, and a convenient engagement opportunity.

Develop a Strong Virtual Engagement Strategy

CardTapp is here to help you build customer engagement. With CardTapp you have a highly customizable mobile app that can be branded with your unique messaging and resources. Customize your app to align with your brand, and invite customers along for the journey. Not only can you customize the colors and images in your app, you can add videos, documents, and link to social media pages to strengthen virtual engagement.

Additionally, CardTapp offers a robust SMS Marketing solution. You can text app users individually, or text a group of users based on custom categories. This allows you to send or schedule targeted marketing messages with the click of the button. Better yet – even though the text is sent to multiple app users with the click of a button, each contact receives an individual message to encourage one-to-one engagement.

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