Marketing is an essential piece of any business; some would even argue that it is the heart of any organization. With the ability to affect every part of your process from sales to customer service, it’s a function that should not be overlooked. Whether you have a team of 50 or 2, here are some ways client engagement insights can help make any marketing program successful.

Analyze Client Engagement to Focus Efforts

Since successful marketing is all about making the most out of your actions, it’s important to have laser focus. All teams should identify a target demographic, create curated campaigns strategies, and keep the team’s goals in mind. Solutions that provide client engagement insights are key to compiling data that helps identify target markets. Though many platforms can help collect data, a great place to start is Google Analytics. Google’s platform is not only free it also offers insights into marketing channels, website optimization, and can even help identify bottlenecks.

Buy Targeted Ads

Though it may seem obvious, you must use the data gathered. In order to get a return on engagement insights and data analysis, you must take a targeted approach to advertising. In recent years, digital advertising strategies have grown in popularity. Not only do digital mediums tend to be less expensive, but they also offer the ability to target key groups with amazing precision. Therefore, having a good understanding of your target market is key. The better you understand them, the more success you will have reaching them online.

Distribute Text Messages

Text messages are a powerful medium of communication. In fact, nearly 100 percent of text messages are opened. That’s a significantly better rate than emails or direct mail. Using insights from client engagement can help you tailor text messages to specific audiences. Similar to how targeted ads make a big impact, targeted texts do the same. Use automated marketing tools to incorporated text messages into your marketing plan.

Get Started with a Client Engagement Solution

A personalized, client engagement solution like CardTapp gives you everything you need to drive effective marketing. From sales to customer service, CardTapp gives you key insights on how clients and prospects are interacting with your product or service. The CardTapp solution also has tagging functionality and an SMS Marketing feature that makes targeted text messages a snap.