After 20 tasks in our Task-Based Training series, it’s time for a wrap-up. So far in the series, we’ve looked at various ways you can share your app as well as best practices of sharing. Then, we transitioned to how to integrate the sales process with your app, create consistent branding, add custom content in your app, create a digital experience, and streamline the sales process. Lastly, we highlighted features outside of our basic subscription. Here’s a final summary if you need a refresher or if you missed something. 

Sharing the CardTapp app

Sharing the app is key to a successful CardTapp experience. Indeed, the more you share, the more you will get out of it. This series not only reviewed our recommended way of sharing (Sharing Through TappTracker) but other methods as well. We covered how to share:

Sharing Best Practices

CardTapp provides app owners important engagement insights that help them accelerate the sales process and offer best-in-class customer service. In order to capture these insights, the people app owners share with must use the app. Therefore, it’s critical to share the app effectively. The best way to do so is to communicate the value of the app. The more valuable the tool, the more likely recipients are to use it. Of course, there are other best practices like:

  1. Share your app when you’re in person.
  2. If you can’t be in person, share your app over the phone.
  3. Make sure recipients expect the app – don’t share it without notice.

But being sure to highlight and communicate the value of the app is the best way to ensure recipients not only install your tools and resources but use them as well.

Maximize the Value of your app

In order to maximize the value of the CardTapp app, it’s critical to provide a lot of value to app users. Not only should app owners integrate the app into their sales process, they should take other steps to making the client journey easy and streamlined. Indeed, things like creating consistent branding and highlighting custom content, help clients instantly recognize you and your offering. It also packs a lot of value into your app. Further, creating a digital experience leads to happy clients. The more seamless the process, the happier the client at the end of the sales process. Happy clients lead to more referrals and higher client retention.

Managing App Users

To fully leverage the CardTapp platform, there are features that help manage app users. CardTapp provides several opportunities to turn client engagement into business strategy. In fact, app owners can add tags and notes to app users to help support sales and marketing strategies. Then, app owners can filter or export users. Finally, members can use information from the dashboard to drive strategic follow-up.

However, not all app users are clients or prospects, so we added some other tips. Not only should the CardTapp platform add value to clients and prospects, but to strategic partners as well. Since this group is so important, we dedicated an article to using CardTapp to build strategic partnerships.

Level up with Pro Features

CardTapp, even at its most basic, is a valuable tool. However, our Pro features enhance the app owner’s experience. To close out our task-based training series, we focused on our add-on options that can add even more value:

Wrap-up Task

The task for this wrap-up is to check out any of the topics above that you weren’t familiar with. Additionally, take advantage of our on-demand webinar, CardTapp University training series, or time with our Customer Journey Manager to review how to best leverage your CardTapp tool.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels