So far in our Task-Based Training series, we’ve looked at various ways you can share your app as well as best practices of sharing. In our most recent sessions, we transitioned to how to integrate the sales process with your app, create consistent branding, and add custom content in your app. Last session we reviewed how to highlight custom content with customized buttons, and this session will dig a bit deeper. This session looks at how to add custom documents to the app to create a paperless, digital experience. 

The Importance of a Digital Experience

Consumers are increasingly interested in doing business virtually. The more they can do from their cell phone or computer, the easier the process is. This is especially true for those in younger generations. Therefore, it’s critical that businesses set themselves up for success by developing a strong customer experience.

Not only will a digital customer experience increase customer satisfaction, it will likely also lead to more referrals. As we mentioned in our last two sessions, custom content is the key. Custom content makes your brand more credible and more engaging. The next step is to combine all of that content into a single place for a seamless customer experience.

Highlight Your Content

Last session we reviewed how to add and edit buttons that link to custom content that exist on websites. With CardTapp, it’s easy to highlight blogs, podcasts, customer reviews, and other resources. Today, we’ll look at the next level of custom content – in-app documents. The CardTapp platform can house various types of documents. This is a great way to streamline your sales process. Instead of emailing or printing and distributing documents, you can include them in your app so your customers have easy access things like:

  • product brochures
  • pricing schedules
  • checklists
  • spreadsheet templates
  • ads or flyers

To start, simply upload the file[s] you wish to include in your app into the CardTapp platform.

Upload a Document

  1. Log in to the dashboard and navigate to the ‘Resources’ tab.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Documents’ tab of the Resources page if necessary
  3. Select the “Add a Document” button then give your new document a name, select URL (paste the site in the “Document URL” field) or File (click the green “Upload” button and select the file from your computer)  then click the “Save” button

Add as many documents as you would like to your documents. Supported file types include: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, pages, ai, tif, tiff, svg, eps, ps, xps.

After your documents are uploaded to the platform, it’s time to make them accessible. Add a button to one of the pages in your personal app to connect app users with your content. There are two ways to connect app users to documents. You can connect users to your entire document library where they can then email the file to themselves for review. You can also display the document within the app.

Link to Your Document Library

  1. Create a new button.
  2. Select “Document List” from the Action Type dropdown menu.
  3. Click the Save icon. You will see the app update in the preview.

Link to an Individual Document

  1. Create a new button.
  2. Select “Document” from the Action Type dropdown menu.
  3. Select the document you want to link to from the Document dropdown that appears.
  4. Click the Save icon. You will see the app update in the preview.

If you don’t see your desired document in the list of document options, return to your resources tab to confirm it is uploaded in the platform. You can only link to documents that are included in the Documents list in the Resources tab.

Task 9: Upload Documents to Create a Digital Experience

Start uploading documents today! Your next task is to review the documents you use in your existing sales process and upload them to CardTapp. Be sure to link them to a button and let your clients know about how your app provides an easy, digital experience. Some members in an enterprise account might have a “read-only” status on their dashboard, so if you need help adding a document, let us know!


How to Add Documents and Resources to Your Tapper App

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Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels