Next up in our Task-Based Training series is the fourth and final way you can share your app with a basic subscription. You can read all about the concept of task-based training in the original blog post, but the big idea is that task-based training introduces small pieces of an activity or idea so learners can create a new routine one small step at a time. 

Share Anywhere

So far, we’ve reviewed how to share from your personal Tapper App, your behind-the-scenes Tapp-Tracker app, and the desktop dashboard. Each of those sharing options is valuable, but you must have a lead’s contact information to share through those methods. Since all three methods require a phone number or email, it’s impossible to share with prospects you have yet to meet.

This is where your app link comes into play. With your app link, you can share your app with anyone.  All they need to do is click your app link and enter their contact information into your digital marketing page to receive a link to download your app.

Find Your App Link

Your app link is unique to you, and you can find it in two of the resources we have already highlighted in this series. Find your app link by visiting:

  • Your Desktop Dashboard
    • Log in to your dashboard
    • Copy your app link from the top of the page
  • Your TappTracker App
    • Log in to TappTracker
    • Click the menu icon (three, white, horizontal bars)
    • Click the “Copy App Link” button towards the top of the menu

Endless Possibilities

Now that you have copied your app link, you can paste it anywhere! The possibilities are endless, but our favorites are:

  1. Including your app link in a social media post
  2. Adding your app link to your email signature, blog, or website
  3. Creating a call to action with your app link in online ads
  4. Sending your app link via LinkedIn Messenger

You can also share with multiple existing contacts at once by sharing your app link in a group text or Facebook message. Because it is a link, we recommend using it on online and mobile mediums so it’s easy for prospects to follow the link.

Your app link directs recipients to your digital marketing page. This page is also the ideal place for any support members to help share your app.

Task 4: Share Your Client Engagement Tool with Your App Link

Sharing your app link is this entry’s primary task, so give it a shot right now! With this method of sharing, our normal recommendation of calling prospects to help walk them through the app and add it to their phones isn’t applicable, so pay extra attention to highlighting the value of the app when you share your link. You should promote your app link in such a way that it grabs the interest of prospects and promises to help with a current need.

The Share Process

  1. Copy your app link
  2. Paste your app link into a message, social media post, or email signature
  3. Prompt recipients to enter their name and phone number and then click the “Send App” button
  4. The recipient will receive a text message with a link that they will click to download your app

That’s your fourth task!  Whether you’re a seasoned pro with hundreds of Tappers, or a brand new member, share your client engagement tool with everyone you know who doesn’t have it on their phone. Shoot to share your app at least once a day until our next task!

Tip: You must be logged out of your dashboard to access the digital marketing page that your prospect sees after following your app link.


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