This is the third entry in our Task-Based Training series. You can read all about the concept in the original blog post, but the big idea is that task-based training introduces small pieces of an activity or idea so learners can create a new routine one small step at a time. 

Another Behind-the-Scenes Look

If you completed the first and second task in this series, you should be very comfortable sharing your app from your customer-facing app (Tapper app) as well as from your TappTracker app that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how your app users are interacting with your app. Now it’s time to check out the other “behind-the-scenes” part of the CardTapp solution – the Desktop Dashboard.

Like TappTracker, the CardTapp dashboard gives you valuable insight on your app users and their activity. The dashboard is where you can customize your app or export Tapper data. It’s the part of the solution that is built to be accessed on a computer rather than a phone. As with TappTracker, app owners are the only people who can access the dashboard.

The dashboard is a valuable part of the CardTapp solution because it allows users to share from a computer while talking on the phone with a referral partner, current customer, or prospect. Many members share their app from the dashboard while calculating a quote or completing a customer service request for clients.

Log In to the Desktop Dashboard

There is nothing to download to access your dashboard. You only need your app link and login credentials. The dashboard and your TappTracker app have the same login credentials, so if you change your password in one, that change will reflect in the other. To log in to your dashboard:

  • Click on your personalized app login link in your welcome email from (can’t find this?  Find your app link in the menu of your TappTracker app, type it into a browser, and click the “Log In” button in the top-right of the screen.)
  • Enter your login credentials (If you changed your password when you logged in to your TappTracker app, use that password)
  • Click “Log in”

Review Tapper Activity

Use the dashboard as a tool to gain insight on what your app users are interested in. Click on the “Action” header in the ‘Interactions’ tab to sort activities within the app. Consider using commonly accessed resources when explaining your app to others or reorder buttons to highlight popular resources. Keep an eye out for possible “buying signals” that indicate an app user is ready to move to the next step of the buying process.

Task 3: Share Your Digital Business Card through Your Desktop Dashboard

Sharing from your dashboard is this task-based training entry’s primary task, so give it a shot right now! We recommend reaching out to the recipient before sharing your app so they are expecting the message. We recommend you call the recipient to:

  1. Help them add the app to their phone
  2. Explain which features or tools they will likely find most valuable
  3. Talk them through the share process so they can share your app with others!

The Share Process

  1. Log in to your desktop dashboard
  2. Click the blue “Send App” button
  3. Enter the recipient’s contact information and any notes you’d like to reference later in the “Share App by Text Message” window.
  4. Click “Send”. 

That’s your third task-based training task!  Whether you’re a seasoned pro with hundreds of Tappers, or a brand new member, share your digital business card with everyone you know who doesn’t have it on their phone. Shoot to share your app at least once a day until our next task!


How to Log In to Your Desktop Dashboard

Sharing from the Desktop Dashboard