This is the second entry in our Task-Based Training series. You can read all about the concept in the original blog post, but the big idea is that task-based training introduces small pieces of an activity or idea so learners can create a new routine one small step at a time. 

Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look

If you completed the first task in this series, you should be very comfortable sharing your app from your Tapper app and you should have plenty of app users. Now it’s time to check out what those app users are up to! The next part of the CardTapp solution that we’ll review is the TappTracker app. 

TappTracker is an app you download to your phone to get a behind-the-scenes view of what your app users are up to. TappTracker updates you with real-time notifications each time a user clicks on a resource and each time you get a referral or a request. Because this is the back-end piece of the Tapper app, you are the only one who can access this app.

In our first session, we referred to your Tapper app as your “digital business card”, but your Tapper app is so much more than that. It has tools and resources that make it more like a “mobile tool kit”. TappTracker helps you see which portions of your tool kit app users are utilizing.

Download TappTracker

Unlike your Tapper app, which is fundamentally a bookmarked website, TappTracker is an app that must be downloaded to your phone. To download the app:

  • Go to the app store on your phone 
    • App Store for iPhones
    • Google Play Store for Android devices
  • Search for ‘tapptracker’ –  one word & two “p”s (icon has a white background and blue graph)
  • Install TappTracker
  • Open the app
  • Log in with the credentials you received in your welcome email from (click “Forgot password” to reset password)

Review Tapper Activity

Use this as a tool to gain insight on what your app users are interested in. The ‘Timeline’ tab contains a record of all user activity within your app. Scroll through to see who did what when, or use the “Activity” dropdown to filter by specific activities.

Task 2: Share Your Digital Business Card through Your Tapper App

Sharing from your TappTracker app is this entry’s primary task, so give it a shot right now! We recommend reaching out to the recipient before sharing your app so they are expecting the message. We also recommend you call the recipient after sharing to:

  1. Help them add the app to their phone
  2. Explain which features or tools they will likely find most valuable
  3. Talk them through the share process so they can share your app with others!

The Share Process

  1. Open your TappTracker app
  2. From the Share tab, manually enter the recipient’s contact information or click the grey square by the “Name of Person receiving App” field to access your phone’s contacts
  3. Select the contact you want to share your app with
  4. Click the blue “Share Now” button

That’s your second task!  Whether you’re a seasoned pro with hundreds of Tappers, or a brand new member, share your digital business card with everyone you know who doesn’t have it on their phone. Shoot to share your app at least once a day until our next task!


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