So far in our Task-Based Training series, we’ve looked at various ways you can share your app as well as best practices of sharing. Then, we transitioned to how to integrate the sales process with your app, create consistent branding, add custom content in your app, and create a digital experience. Now, we’re moving on to features that help salespeople save time and streamline the sales process. Things like using the information in the dashboard to add value to existing strategic partnerships improves results.

Not only does leveraging information in the dashboard add value to referral or business partners, it helps salespeople too. In fact, the ability to add value to strategic partnerships makes those partnerships stronger and likely more profitable. Indeed, many of the dashboard functions covered in previous tasks can help add value to existing partnerships.

Using the Dashboard to Strengthen Strategic Partnerships

In order to have a good understanding of how to add value to partners, it’s important to understand them. A good first step to doing this is simply noting referral partners in your dashboard with tags. This helps when sorting or filtering app users. Then, use the dashboard to review which partners are the most active or engaged. Additionally, you can provide partners ideas to become more engaged. Using an automatic tag with an EasyText keyword is a great way for business partners to automatically categorize the referrals they send. Ultimately, members can export referral information to business partners to offer a unique and powerful deliverable.

Create a tag to note referral partners

  1. Log in to your desktop dashboard and navigate to the ‘Tappers’ tab.
  2. Click on the current tag next to the Tapper you want to have a custom tag.
  3. Select the “Referral Partner” tag or type a custom tag in the text box that appears.
  4. If you add a new tag value in the field, text will show “No results found”. After you type your tag, click the “+” button to add your tag. This tag is now available from the dropdown menu for new or existing Tappers.
  5. Add any other tags by following the process outlined in steps #3-4 or by selecting one of the options in the dropdown menu that appears when you click on the “Tags” field.

Filter by tags to view only referral partners

  1. Navigate to the ‘Tappers’ tab of your desktop dashboard.
  2. Click the “Show filters” button
  3. Toggle the “Registered users only” option to “Yes” if desired
  4. Click the blue arrow next to the Tags section
  5. Select the tag[s] you want to use to filter app users.

When Tappers are filtered, you can sort by activity or other information with only the filtered list. This allows you to filter by referral partners and sort to see which partners have been most engaged with your app or used it most recently.

Sort tappers by referral partners

  1. Navigate to the ‘Referrals’ tab of your desktop dashboard.
  2. Click the “Referred by” column header to sort by the referral partner. (Use the dropdown menu at the top-left to review a larger number of interactions at once.)
  3. Once Tappers are sorted, look for partners with the most entires to identify the most active referral partners

Export tappers & sort by referral partner

Some app owners want to be able to provide data from the dashboard to benefit business partners. For example, if partners shared the app via keyword with an automatic tag (i.e. the address of an open house), members can export Tappers, sort by the “Referred by” field, and provide that list to partners. Then, business partners can access a list of the people they’ve referred and any automated tags that were associated with them.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Tappers’ tab of your desktop dashboard.
  2. Click the “Download Tapper Data” link at the bottom of your Tapper list
  3. Select the radio button next to the “Full Tapper CSV” option
  4. Click the “Download” button

Once you have downloaded Tapper data, you can remove entries no assigned to that business partner before sharing.

Task 16: Follow-up with a Business Partner

The task for this session is to use some information from the dashboard to add value to an existing business or referral partner.


Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels