So far in our Task-Based Training series, we’ve looked at various ways you can share your app as well as best practices of sharing. Then, we transitioned to how to integrate the sales process with your app, create consistent branding, add custom content in your app, and create a digital experience. Now, we’re moving on to features that help sales people save time and streamline the sales process. Things like a focused customer segmentation strategy can help salespeople focus their time on where it’s the most valuable.

Why Focus on Customer Segmentation

A common truth in marketing and advertising circles is that you can’t be all things to all people. Indeed most marketing strategy centers around segmenting your client base. Identifying a few key markets that you want to speak to improves your marketing. These smaller segments allows your messaging to be more tailored and effective. Indeed, customer segmentation can not only help you get a higher return on your marketing content, it can also give your clients a more enjoyable experience. In fact, there’s a strong body of research that points to tailored messages being effective in a wide range of applications. From healthcare to sales, tailored messaging works.

How Tags Can Help

In order to deliver tailored content to targeted clients, you must first identify your top 2-3 target markets you want to engage. With CardTapp, you can categorize app users within the system. This allows you to sort or filter by category for follow-up calls or connect directly through our Pro SMS Marketing feature. Tagging app users in your system helps you stay consistent with your marketing and messaging. Tags are customizable, so you can categorize app users by anything you want. Additionally, app users support multiple tags so you can create a wholistic snapshot of the client using multiple tags.

Using Tags

There are two ways to add tags. You can add them manually through the Desktop Dashboard and TappTracker or automatically through your EasyText keyword.

Adding Tags Manually In the Dashboard

  1. Log in to your desktop dashboard and navigate to the ‘Tappers’ tab.
  2. Click on the current tag next to the Tapper you want to have a custom tag.
  3. Select a tag or type your custom tag in the text box that appears.
  4. If you add a new tag value in the field, text will show “No results found”. After you type your tag, click the “+” button to add your tag. This tag is now available from the dropdown menu for new or existing Tappers.
  5. Add any other tags by following the process outlined in steps #3-4 or by selecting one of the options in the dropdown menu that appears when you click on the “Tags” field.

Deleting Tags in the Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the tag dropdown menu next to the Tapper you want to adjust.
  2. Tags highlighted in blue will be associated with a Tapper’s record. To remove a tag, simply click it to remove the blue highlight.

Adding Tags Manually In TappTracker

  1. Open TappTracker and navigate to the ‘Tappers’ tab.
  2. Select the Tapper you want to add tags to.
  3. Click the “edit” text to the right of the Tapper.
  4. Click the “tags” field and select a tag or type your custom tag. If you add a new value in that field, a box will show “No results found”. After you type your tag, click the “go” or arrow button on the bottom-right of your keyboard to add your new tag. This tag is now available from the dropdown menu for new or existing Tappers.
  5. Click the “Save” button to save changes.

Deleting Tags in TappTracker

  1. Navigate to the “tags” field of the Tapper you want to adjust.
  2. Click the “x” next to a tag to remove it.

Adding Tags Automatically Through EasyText

If you have an EasyText keyword, anyone can text your keyword to the number 36260 to request your app.

To generate and assign a tag to a new Tapper using EasyText, simply add a tag after your keyword and ask them to include that in their text, so instead of prompting trade show attendees or lunch & learn guests to “Text yourkeyword to 36260“, ask instead for them to “Text yourkeyword #thistradeshow to 36260“. The text that follows the hashtag/pound sign (#) will automatically be included in the Tapper record upon following the link for your app.

Has the same Tapper attended both a trade show and a lunch & learn?  No problem!  Keywords from different events in separate messages are all added to the “Tags” field in the Tapper’s record.

Task 10: Tag App Users

We’ll spend more time on how to leverage tags in a future session. The task for this session is to start tagging app users.



Photo by Pixabay from Pexels