So far in our Task-Based Training series, we’ve looked at various ways you can share your app as well as best practices of sharing. Then, we transitioned to how to integrate the sales process with your app, create consistent branding, add custom content in your app, and create a digital experience. Now, we’re moving on to features that help sales people save time and streamline the sales process. Things like a CRM integration make the CardTapp platform a key piece of your tech stack and help you grow your business.

What CRM Integration Is

Salespeople likely view their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system as a critical part of their business. CRMs not only help sales people keep track of their sales pipeline, but they also help manage communication, marketing, and customer service. Since we all have limited capacity for remembering various things about clients, a CRM can serve as external storage to keep important pieces of information about each customer and their needs and wants in the forefront.

Last year was a banner year for mortgage lending. Indeed, many lenders couldn’t keep up with the volume pouring in. During these fast-paced cycles, CRM can help salespeople stay organized with multiple, concurrent deals. However, not all industries fared so well in 2020. Regardless, CRM likely still supported salespeople throughout the economy by providing a way to target and follow up on new leads.

To streamline the sales process, many salespeople pursue a CRM integration. CRM Integration is simply taking a piece of the sales tech stack and connecting it to the CRM. Integrating technology with a CRM saves salespeople time by helping them seamlessly manage their systems.

How a CardTapp CRM Integration Works

The CardTapp platform integrates with a number of the most popular CRM systems. There are a few advantages to setting up an integration between CardTapp and a CRM. Not only does an integration save salespeople time, removing the need to manually enter leads or referrals. It also improves data hygiene leading to more accurate pipelines. When CardTapp is integrated with a CRM, every app recipient is automatically added into the CRM. Therefore, a salesperson who has integrated CardTapp with a CRM will have an accurate and complete view of the sales pipeline based on the app users that they or their referral partners have shared the app with.

Get Started with an Integration

The integration process is incredibly easy.

  1. Submit a support request with the name of your CRM system to see if we have an existing integration
  2. If one exists, we’ll send you a CRM request form to complete and submit
  3. Submit the form and we do the rest

In the event we don’t have an existing integration with your CRM, we’ll prompt you to reach out to your CRM vendor and request information on integration options. Then, we’ll review the options they provide and do our best to integrate with your system.

Once we establish the connection, all new app recipients will be added into your CRM system.

Task 10: Request or Review a CRM Integration

Streamline your sales process today. If you haven’t already, reach out to us about a setting up an integration. If you already have an integration set up, be sure to share your app with every new client you have to leverage the integration. The language surrounding integrating pieces of your tech stack can be overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help! Our support team has a great deal of expertise with CRM integration, so let us know when you’re ready to get started.


Support Request Form

CRM Integration Resources

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