Last month, we announced our Task-Based Training series. You can read all about the concept in the original blog post, but the big idea is that task-based training introduces small pieces of an activity or idea so learners can create a new routine one small step at a time.

Let’s Start at the Beginning

For our first task in the series, we’ll start at the beginning. We think of “the beginning” as your personalized app – what we call the “Tapper” app. Your Tapper app is your customer-facing app. It is, at its core, a digital business card that can be shared anywhere you would typically hand out a traditional business card. But your app is so much more than that.

For now though, we’ll focus on your app as a digital business card. The primary task for this entry is to share your digital business card. But before you can share your digital business card, you need to have it at the ready. With paper business cards, being share-ready means having a big stack in a pocket, notebook, or purse. To be share-ready with your digital business card, you just need to add it to your phone’s home screen where you can access and share it at any time. 

Add the Tapper App to Your Phone

First, search for a text from 36260. It should include the link to your digital business card. Click the link and then follow the prompts on your phone to add your app to your phone’s home screen. If you have issues adding your app to your phone, check out our knowledge center section on how to install your app.

Just like other recipients, you will be prompted to register when you open your app for the first time. After you register, it’s time to open up your app and get comfortable with what you’re sharing and what is replacing your traditional paper business card!

Get Comfortable with Your Digital Business Card

Browse through the various tabs and tools on your app to get comfortable with what is there. Test out your calculator, send a test request, and click on all of the buttons. Double check your contact information for accuracy, and then it’s time to start sharing!

Task 1: Share Your Digital Business Card through Your Tapper App

Sharing from your Tapper app is this entry’s primary task, so give it a shot right now! We recommend reaching out to the recipient before sharing your app so they are expecting the message with your app link. We recommend you call the recipient to:

  • Help them add the app to their phone
  • Explain which features or tools they will likely find most valuable
  • Talk them through the share process so they can share your app with others!

The Share Process

  1. Open your Tapper app
  2. Click the “Share” button on your home screen
  3. Type in the contact information of a recipient (we recommend sharing with a close friend or family member for your very first share)
  4. Click the “Share App” button
  5. Add any pertinent notes or follow up information and click “Send”

That’s all for your first task! 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro with hundreds of Tappers, or a brand new member, perfect this task by sharing your digital business card with everyone you know who doesn’t have it on their phone. Shoot to share your app at least once a day until we announce next month’s task!


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