Often, referrals are the bread and butter of a salesperson. Not only are referrals less expensive to generate, they follow through to close more often. However, high quality referrals require extremely satisfied customers or very strong referral partners. For salespeople who want to beef up their list of referral partners, there are a few tried and true strategies.

The Referral Partner Basics

Most of the strategies to source referral partners is really Networking 101. Start by attending events as they are available, sit with people you don’t know, then follow-up with an offer to help with a need they referenced. Although there may not be very many in-person events in a given area, this is still a great place to start. However, salespeople can also leverage technology to make connections. LinkedIn is the obvious place to start. Since an introduction is significantly more effective than reaching out to someone directly, use LinkedIn to find potential partners. Click the connections button under a connection’s name on their profile, use filters to review their connections, then reach out.

Content, content, content

Content creation is all the rage, and it’s popular for a reason. Creating engaging content leads to more clients. Not only do potential clients engage with content, potential referral partners do too. Therefore, it’s critical that salespeople develop content upgrades that can be easily shared.

Better yet, work with potential business partners to collaborate on content. Not only does this create value for potential shared clients, but it strengthens any budding partnership. Be sure to make the content readily available for prospects or clients to access.

Play the long game

Other proven techniques might take a little more time. Get involved in the community. A shared mission does wonders for any potential relationship. This is not only a great strategy for identifying potential referral partners but clients as well. Therefore, find local organizations who need support and volunteer, sponsor an event, or participate in an initiative. This can be an incredibly natural way to strengthen your presence in the community.

Additionally, be visible. Along with community involvement, make sure you’re as invested in a potential partner’s efforts as possible. Support their business by doing business with them directly. Alternatively, start the sharing by referring clients to them or writing a supportive online review.

Strengthen the connection

CardTapp users can further build strong connections with features like co-branding. Even without this feature, the streamlined referral process and client engagement insights can add value to any partnership.

Photo by CoWomen from Pexels