CardTapp: Sales Teams

Sales Teams

Sales Teams

Real Connections for Real Business Growth

Customers still rely on trustworthy salespersons when they are making a complex purchasing decision. CardTapp helps sales professionals become an accessible and trusted advisor, get more referral leads as a result, and ultimately close more deals thanks to our innovative mobile solution for connecting people and building relationships.

Always. Be. Closing.

 For the Sales Rep

Customers buy from people they trust. Establish a relationship of trust by being reachable for questions and by providing helpful resources before, during, and even after the transaction.

  • Provide great content and tools to prospects
  • Be notified when your leads use the app
  • Follow up with the right information at the right time
  • Close more business
  • Grow your referral network

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For the Sales Manager

How many times have you begged your reps to enter in their new leads into your CRM? How many of your reps are wasting their time on non-revenue producing activity? CardTapp not only gives your reps a great way to grow the number of leads they get, it also provides you with insight to get the best performance out of your team.

  • Import better lead data into your CRM without data entry from reps
  • Monitor your reps’ revenue-generating activities
  • Transition leads and customers more smoothly to new reps
  • Get better revenue forecasting insights

Can your business card do this?

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Salespeople know that referrals are gold. Referrals already know what you do, they trust you, and are often ready to buy. With your own personally branded app, you can expand your personal network and make it easy for your customers and partners to send referrals along to you.

Track, Follow Up, Close

TappTracker shows you who is installing your app, who is using it, and what they are interested in. Now you can proactively reach out, prepared to answer their questions. Establish yourself as a responsive resource, and you’ll be their first point of contact for their business.

Re-Engage Loyal Customers

Your customers may need you again in the future, so keeping them engaged after the initial deal is crucial. Put your current inventory, financing rates, and other tools right on their phones for easy access. You’ll level up your service game, reinforce your reputation, and grow your business.

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