Whether you’re just starting off in the mortgage business or a seasoned veteran, having the best Loan Origination System (LOS) is a must. Indeed, having the right LOS Software for your business is imperative to improving everything from your efficiency to the quality of your team. However, it’s not always easy to know which LOS is best for you and your team. That’s why we’re here to help! We strive to take away the hassle of manual data-entry and help you automate your workflow in ways you may have never imagined.

The Basics of a Loan Origination System

The best LOS is a robust suite of software that is built to maximize the efficiency of the application and approval process for your clients. It decreases lag time experienced by loan officers, lenders, and processors by allowing them to easily submit, retrieve, index, and validate vital information. Think of it as a way to seamlessly integrate multiple steps of the process into a single easy resource. This seamless integration will dramatically reduce manual processing, save time, and ultimately save both you and your client’s money.

Choosing the Best LOS Software

Cognizant recently released a white paper discussing how origination processes supported by LOS will help a mortgage company every step of the way, including:

  • Prospecting for leads
  • Capturing applications
  • Pricing of loans
  • Generating disclosures
  • Ordering third-party services
  • Underwriting and clearing conditions
  • Generating closing docs

It was found that a large number of mortgage companies do not take full advantage of the best LOS suite. Instead, they only used a LOS for core features. But, this is a pricey mistake on their behalf. By only using services for marketing and customer relation management, they are losing out on important opportunities for streamlining processes.

How to Determine What You Want from a LOS

It’s not a simple task to determine the best LOS for your company. But, there are a few things to keep in mind as you browse through the features of various loan origination software:

  • Will it fit into your budget?
  • How easy is it to implement into your current process?
  • How much customization and branding does it allow?
  • Will it scale with your business during peak and slow periods?
  • Does it have product and pricing tools?
  • Does it integrate with your front-end POS software?
  • Will it allow interfacing with third-party vendors?
  • Are there robust compliance tools?
  • Will it be easy to train existing and new employees on it?
  • Will it attract and help you keep top talent?
  • Does it integrate with your mortgage CRM software?

Perhaps one of the most important factors is the familiarity of mortgage professionals with the LOS. New professionals may be more open to the experience of learning new software, but some seasoned loan officers and processors are more comfortable with a more familiar LOS.

5 Top LOS Software in 2020

There is no shortage of exceptionally efficient LOS companies. We’ve chosen these top 5 of the best Loan Origination Systems for your consideration:

1. Calyx Point


  • Name recognition as being the most established LOS
  • Integrates with more than 200 vendors
  • New features make interviewing borrowers easier


  • Takes a lot of time to learn and become comfortable with the system
  • Issues with regular updates
  • User interface and aesthetics are very old

2. Encompass


  • Ellie Mae designed it
  • Second-most recognized name in the industry


  • Reputation for frequent system crashes
  • Doesn’t integrate well with email
  • Reputation for being very slow, despite updates

3. LendingQB


  • Quickly becoming a recognized name as one of the most modern LOS
  • Handles every stage of the process


  • Can cause your desktop to be cluttered with open windows
  • Though growing fast, it’s still a newcomer to the market
  • Seems like it was built by those who are more into tech than mortgages

4. LendingPad


  • Extremely modern and heavily focused on having a nice user interface
  • You get a personal account manager so you’re not bounced around reps if you need help
  • Lives in the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere


  • Heavily customizable, so it may take you a while to get it tailored just right
  • Not well-recognized in the industry

5. Blue Sage


  • Works with DU and Fannie Mae Early Check
  • Mobile tools for loan officers


  • Extremely new on the market, no real name-recognition


The LOS you choose should be looked at as the engine and fuel of your business. Just as you wouldn’t want your clients seeing you driving around in a junky old car, don’t let them think you haven’t thought ahead enough to bring your business into the 21st-century. CardTapp integrates with many of the most popular CRM and LOS tools and allows you to interact with your clients in real-time. When you’re ready, contact us to request a free demo!